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Potterworld has become what it is today thanks to the amazing team of people who have taken their time to help our server. This page is to give credit to those who have contributed.

External Developers:
Game Design:
  • Spell Design/PvP: Droobledore, JustinKappa, oliviabmth, FLiiiPENDO, DenizTM
  • Leveling System: NathanWolf, Droobledore
  • Mobs: BurntCrab, DenizTM, Abstract_Magi, FLiiiPENDO
3D Models:
  • Hats, Wands, Brooms, Weapons, all other 3D models: Droobledore
  • Golden H Cup, Golden Droobledore Statue, 3D Bertie Bott Bean: 00FF00
  • Cake Models, Grindling, Cooking Pots: CrazyCraft41
  • Flower Crowns: Sasspai
  • Ford Anglia and Flying Motocycle: Abstract_Magi
  • Bruiser's Bat and Emerald Hat: Blizz
  • Potterwatch Megaphone and Hat: _Sxm
  • Hammer and Builder's Hat: bimob
Resource Packs:
Website Development:
  • Functionality: Dannyy94, Shijun
  • Design: Shijun
  • Former Members: Original creator of the team Rytheria, NoldyB, Tunarific, rhawley1995, AsianVGPlayer, ktmh96, Twigletts, KidBear, TrentPlays, SluggyCinema, E_SPIKE, Evuxequim, Blizz, Lusamine, LilaTheMoose, Abstract_Magi, Rhizio, abcdefgwynn, nnara, King_MC_2015
Former Head Staff
  • Magatha
  • Raindelia
  • Allis0n
  • Alex_Peverell
  • wardbalrog
  • Kedric
  • PinayMomo
  • Stelth
  • Auralux
  • Hobs_
  • Sonikkz
  • FineLime
  • BubbleBunny
  • DuskHour
  • PrincessRil
  • NotNeptune
  • lazy_penguin
  • Goldfish
  • MrIceBomb
  • LilaTheMoose
  • TJoo
  • Bonesie
  • TacoPony
  • Hyung
  • Rosie_Blue
  • Nymphadorable
  • BurntCrab
  • Scharf
  • geminiswede
  • Aloreable
  • _Emxly
  • abcdefgwynn
  • JustJada
  • RalieTheFish
  • MiraMoose
  • ImCanadianBacon
  • Claireypants
  • Disqraceful
  • MariJensn
  • GarrisonTM
  • FLiiiPENDO
There are many people who have have contributed to our server.
We cannot list them all, but want to thank every single one for the time, dedication, and effort they’ve given to Potterworld!
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