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  • A Message to the wizarding community,

    Friday afternoon The Wizarding Community of London suffered a devastating attack. The Lore Compendium was ransacked and set on fire. This is a devastating attack on record-keeping for the whole Wizarding World. The Lore Compendium has a vast diversity of subjects found in the many writings it holds. This leads me alongside that of the Vampire Clan to believe the culprit is that of Joel Crestello and his obsession with immortality. Recently there have been new writings available to the public on works such as that of Nicholas Flamel. Although it has not yet been revealed to the public what has been lost in this attack I strongly suggest for those with sufficient permissions to investigate this attack by their own account. While our first suspect is that of Joel we also have reason to believe that the Werewolf may have had something to do with this as there are notable writings on magical medicine. Whomever the attacker was the vampires are disgusted by their actions and personally, I send this message to the wizarding community stay alert I believe the worst is yet to come.
    Hello Wizarding community, my name is Aure Pendragon and I am the Vampire Count. If you stand in our way I will not hesitate to do what it takes to give the vampires the lives they deserve. Wizarding governments will not influence us and we will stand our ground. This war is simply a small pebble in our path. After our inevitable victory, they will treat us as we deserve and with the respect we deserve. They have called us monsters, but we will no longer live in the shadows. We will rise above all challenges. Any werewolves should be afraid because we will not stop until we reach our goal . To everyone who considers intervening, I would like to remind you that it is in your best interest to stay out of our way.
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