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  • Bonjour tout le monde!

    So I realise now that actually I probably need to get to friend-ing people on this new site, and stuff? But I've always been really bad at that - I used to just sit and occasionally get requests and just accept them - but now, I'm so old and irrelevant, I don't get requests lmao

    What else is new? Well, I have a lot of free time on my hands, ig. With my exams called off y'all'll (wow Cookie, 4 consecutive Ls. Nice.) be seeing me around a lot more often... mostly stumbling through the treasure maze xD

    Might try and start a new game on the forums? Not really sure - I just want to get stuck back into this community, I'd forgotten how much I'd missed y'all :)

    I think that's everything? ngl these posts don't seem to have a point as much as my old ones did but... I guess I thought a lot more of my own opinions back then lmao

    Anyway, catch y'all later!
    So I have a new wall now, bc apparently whilst I was gone, enjin died?

    Think I'm back now - gonna take a lil while to get back into coming on regularly, but that's the goal.

    Lots has changed! Some things I'm keen on, some things I'm not so keen on, but all in all, kinda excited to be coming back and doing professions and learning how to play Quabbleball and sorting out my house etc.

    I mean, I joined in May 2016 (or was it 15? can't really remember), so I'm glad to still have lots to do. Hope to see y'all around I guess?

    (Took me way too long to find the colour code I used to use for this. Note to future Cookie: ddd123)
    wb!! So much has changed haha but I'm kind of excited to go back into it and figure things out again!
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