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  • Hey there! I'm Dark Heart, a new player with a great love for this server! You'll often see me running about gathering materials, or finding secret areas in Hogsworth or the Wilderness. Now, there is one problem. I'm rather poor when it comes to gold. That's why I'd like to inform you about some of the things I frequently do.

    For starters, I'm a merchant. However, I don't like to use the shops in Vertick Alley. I only use them to get a look at the base price of items and to hold onto the junk I don't need. But remember what I said about me running around gathering materials? Well, I've got pretty much anything I can get my underleveled hands on! I know where multiple loot chests and resource nodes are, and I can take orders and farm mobs as well! Just say the word, pay me the gold, and I'm off!

    The other job I have is Info Broking. Whenever I find a cool area in the game, or iconic places like the Chamber of Secrets, I document the area and how to get there. In the documentations, I disclose info about nearby loot chests, secret passages, shortcuts for getting in and out, and much more! Basic info like the Chamber of Secrets I usually disclose for 10g. Other, more discreet info can go from 20g and above, such as a location with a singular entrance, and is fully enclosed with barriers, preventing attacks from outsiders. Perfect for secret meetings! Any and all information can either be given on the spot, or ordered. Let me know, and I'll get looking!

    Regardless of what you may need, I'll do my best to fulfil your order and fulfil it quickly. I will pay back 80% of gold if it isn't satisfactory, and 100% if I wasn't able to meet your expectations at all. My policy is to be honest and transparent with customers, and I greatly appreciate any business you do with me. If you have any reason to contact me, please do so by DMing me through Discord. My contact is located in the About section.

    My kindest regards to those who created and maintain this server. Love you guys!
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