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    Under Review Parkour Map - Colours

    Hi there, I believe that on the map Colours in Wiz PE, that the ladders on the back side of the ladders that you climb, on the part were your starting the course, or when you start the next part of a course/colour should be removed. This is because for starters the game TPS you anyway when you...
  2. Jinx_L

    Assistant to Head of Academics

    Congratulations Ariel!
  3. Jinx_L

    Quabbleball Player Testing

    Hey I would love to help out and test my IGN is Jinx_L and my discord tag is Jinx_L#6783
  4. Jinx_L

    Declined Hunger System back in the Game.

    Hi there I think its time we brought back the hunger system. As I believe many players would want this. Also it would give new players a friendly sense to PW as they probably have played Minecraft before, and in Minecraft you have to eat food to survive. I also believe this would help out the...
  5. Jinx_L

    Completed Include challenges in the "attend 2 classes" daily

    Hi there as a European player as well this would make more sense and might even get more players to join some of the challenges. As it would count towards getting to classes. Also it can be tricky with time zones. As sometimes getting the to classes can be hard. If I have other plans one during...
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    June 2022 Dueling Tournament Sign-Up

    jinx_l Griffin
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    May 2022 Dueling Tournament Sign-Up

    jinx_l griffin
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    May 2022 Star Racing Tournament Sign-Up

    jinx_l griffin