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    After a long hiatus since 2018, it is time to get back. Previously known as "Percival_Graves", I was a member of the Builder's Team from 2017-2018. I have returned!

    - Some History -
    The last time I was here, I was a member of the Builder's Team. I helped work with maps and did one or two myself. Also, I was originally called "Percival_Graves", but with the release of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, I used my chance and changed my name to Mr_Grindelwald. I'm thinking of changing it to something else at some point, just to make it more personal.

    - What I do -
    Mostly, building stuff is my area of interest. That's why I joined the Builder's Team a couple of years ago. However, I also enjoy roleplaying, chatting and just trying to chill!

    From 25th of March 2020 I rejoined the Builder's Team.

    - Anything else? -
    Favorite food: lasagne
    Favorite animal: CATS

    Nation: Norway
    Age: 20
    Studying "Innovation and Entrepreneurship" this autumn!


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