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  1. Serien

    Feedback Arena Loophole Rule Enforcement

    ur trying to make ariel fix the rules but really u can just be a better player who doesn’t need to bribe their way into top 3 lol not getting paid is just karma brother
  2. Serien

    January 2023 Dueling Tournament Sign-Up

    Me krixkal payltree and dropthemike_ ^.^
  3. Serien

    Declined House Mascot Application

    what a great idea
  4. Serien

    comment below and i'll tell u when ur gonna die!

  5. Serien

    July 2022 Flying Tournament

    not suspicious
  6. Serien

    Completed Dueling pt. 2

    what a cool n awesome suggestion, minagatodnoto!!!!
  7. Serien

    Completed QOL Improvement Suggestion for Credits Trader

    this is so awesome! love the idea, michelle! wow wow wew wah
  8. Serien

    May 2022 Star Racing Tournament Sign-Up

    drooblemum (((((((((((serpent))))), sametric griff, mekala_ Honeybadger, backup: minatoooo raven, team name: real frosts
  9. Serien

    Star Battle Player Testing

    scpider serien#3979
  10. Serien

    Loadouts Public Testing Session

  11. Serien

    August 2021 Flying Tournament Sign-Up

    Serienn :raven:
  12. Serien

    Summer Visual Arts Competition

    omg ignore this oops
  13. Serien

    July 2021 Flying Tournament Sign-Up

    it was llama’s idea blame llama !
  14. Serien

    good mornting!

    good mornting!