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2023 Barrel Racing Tournament

Hello everyone!

With the Butterbrew Festival in Appleby well underway, we are excited to reveal the details of our upcoming Barrel Racing Tournament.

How Will the Tournament Work?

Our tournament will involve a special leaderboard for the duration of the tournament. Players can earn points through placing within the top 3 in a round of Barrel Racing. This tournament is different in that it will only last for 10 days. At the conclusion of the tournament, the top five players on each leaderboard will win a reward!

You can view your placements for this tournament on the tournament page here or in-game in by Samuel Nottingham.

The tournament will run from 12am PST on Friday September 1st, 2023, until 12am PST on Monday, September 11th, 2023.

What Are the Rewards?

The top five players in the tournament will receive the following rewards:

First Place:
  • Temporary Champion prefix
  • Temporary PvP Crown hat
  • 500 Potter Points
  • 10,000 Gold
  • Light Orange Wand Particles
Second Place:
  • 7,500 Gold
  • 24 Arena Tokens
Third Place:
  • 5,000 Gold
  • 20 Arena Tokens
Fourth Place:
  • 2,000 Gold
  • 16 Arena Tokens
Fifth Place:
  • 1,000 Gold
  • 12 Arena Tokens

The Game

Barrel Racing

Grab your barrels and get ready to compete! In Barrel Racing, go head to head against your friends in three intense laps around the map. Beware of tight turns and unwanted projectiles.

The following maps will be available to play:
NEW Barrel Boulevard built by JustMaxHell and jake_ft
NEW Appleby Village built by JustMaxHell


  1. You are not allowed to have two accounts in the same game at once.
    1. If you own two or more accounts that place on the leaderboard, only your highest placing account will be eligible for the rewards.
  2. No abusing glitches. If any glitches are found, you must report them to Staff members and then leave the glitch alone. Please do not make others aware of the glitch as well.
  3. No teaming with other players. This includes working together to kill other players, trucing, or allowing players to kill you.
  4. Do not throw a game.
  5. All other Potterworld rules apply. This includes Minigame Rules and Arena Games. Do /rules in-game to view them or click here.

We hope you enjoy this tournament and our new seasonal minigame. Good luck to everyone participating.