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2024 Star Battle Tournament

Greetings everyone!

With the release of the May the Fourth event, we are excited to announce the return of our Star Battle minigame tournaments for the duration of the event.

This tournament will feature two of our Star Battle minigames: Escort Payload and Star Racing.

How Will the Tournaments Work?

  • Our tournaments will involve two separate leaderboards for each gamemode.
  • Players can earn points by winning Escort Payload rounds or by racing in Star Racing.
  • We have modified the way placing is calculated in Payload to give more emphasis on games won as opposed to player kills.
  • After the May the Fourth event has ended, the top five players on each leaderboard will win a reward!

You can view your placements for this tournament on the tournaments page or in-game on Batuu near the Millennium Falcon.

Following the structure of the Winter Minigames tournament, the rounds in these tournaments too will be staggered, with a different game’s tournament unfolding every week. Each tournament will begin on Monday at 12am PST and end the following Sunday at 11:59pm PST.

The tournaments will commence from this week of the event and follow the below schedule:
  • Monday May 6th - Sunday May 12th: Escort Payload
  • Monday May 13th - Sunday May 19th: Star Racing
All rewards will be handed out after the conclusion of the May the Fourth Event.

What Are the Rewards?

The top five players in our three game mode tournaments will receive the following rewards:

First Place:
  • Temporary Champion prefix
  • Temporary PvP Crown hat
  • Toy N-Scope Sniper
  • $5 Store Coupon
  • 10,000 Gold
  • Purple and Gold Wand Particles

Second Place:
  • 7,500 Gold
  • Toy N-Scope Sniper
  • 24 Arena Tokens

Third Place:
  • 5,000 Gold
  • Toy N-Scope Sniper
  • 20 Arena Tokens

Fourth Place:
  • 2,000 Gold
  • Toy N-Scope Sniper
  • 16 Arena Tokens

Fifth Place:
  • 1,000 Gold
  • Toy N-Scope Sniper
  • 12 Arena Tokens

The Games

Escort Payload: Game Information.
Leaderboard: Click here.

The following maps will be available to play:
Returning Jabba’s Palace​
Returning Nevarro​

Star Racing: Game Information.
Leaderboard: Click here.

The following maps will be available to play:
NEW Mustafar built by Ardnassaz, ForbiddenPlaces, 0ceqn
Returning Endor​
Returning Hoth​
Returning Mos Eisley​

We have also been hard at work creating a fresh set of power-ups for Star Racing.
  • Force Ghost
  • Oversized Helmet
  • Saber Throw
  • Stun Baton
These four new power-ups will coexist with our existing power-ups and will be sure to add a competitive edge to all races!


  1. You cannot have two accounts in the same game at once.
    1. If you own two or more accounts that place on the leaderboard, only your highest-placing account will be eligible for the rewards.
  2. No abusing glitches. If any glitches are found, you must report them to Staff members and then leave the glitch alone. Please do not make others aware of the glitch as well.
  3. No teaming with other players. This includes working together to kill other players, trucing, or allowing players to kill you.
  4. Do not throw a game.
  5. All other Potterworld rules apply. This includes Minigame Rules. Do /rules in-game to view them or click here.

Good luck to everyone participating in the tournaments and may the force be with you!
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Minecraft IGN: GreatLordOz
Honeybadger Auralock Dark Follower Phoenix
Are the Sniper Rifles still rewards for the top 5 players or have those been removed this year for prizes? Additionally, are there any placement rewards for the Bounty Kiosk and the Lightsaber training leaderboards or are those just purely cosmetic?

Jae ⊹₊ ⋆

Minecraft IGN: xMye
Auralock Dark Follower Staff Phoenix Serpent Vampire Werewolf Lore Master SPEW Lead Arena Master Lead
Hello @GreatLordOz !

After further discussing the rewards, we'll be reincluding the Toy N-Scope Sniper to our top 5 winner rewards. This has been amended within the post itself!

As for your question regarding the Bounty Kiosk and the Lightsaber Training Leaderboards, this is a question for Lead Game Designers. You're welcome to make a support ticket here so that someone from Game Design can assist you further!