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A Curse Reignited

June 7th, 2016. The area I've identified is surrounded by a dark, thick forest that is much needed for an optimal covert base...
To discover what lies ahead, click below.

Welcome to Roleplay Chapter Three
A Curse Reignited
With Grux finally being revealed as the mastermind behind everything, the Dark Followers have finally revealed themselves and their new base, preparing their defenses to strike back against Grux for his various crimes against the Dark Followers. Explore the new base, discover secrets, and prepare yourself for what may come next...

How to Play
To participate in the event, head over to the Great Hall and approach the professor's dining table. Click on the Roleplay Hub NPC and travel to the Hub. There you will see Noah Pendragon on a black platform awaiting your arrival. Speak to him to travel to the Dark Follower Base.

- Venture deep into the forest and discover the secrets of the new Dark Follower Base, including the grounds, complete with watchtowers, as well as the haunting halls that make up the three floors of the Dark Follower base.

- The Dark Followers have finally moved in, and many of them may need your help to assist them with various tasks, including Noah Pendragon and Henry Chimera. 4 new quests await those brave enough.

- Around the base, you may find NPCs and purple sparkly blocks which you may click on. Find all the NPCs and Interactions and you shall be rewarded with a unique reward! You may also discover a number of hidden activities and secret areas. Good luck and have fun!

Along with the various collectables that can be obtained throughout the base, we're also introducing a greater reward for participating in Chapter Three of Roleplay. Introducing The Roleplay Staff.
In order to obtain this reward, you'll need to earn 10 Roleplay Tokens, which can be earned by participating in Roleplay.
For this event, you can earn 6 tokens in the following ways:
1 Roleplay Token for completing each of the 4 quests
1 Roleplay Token for speaking to all of the NPCs
1 Roleplay Token for finding all of the hidden interactions.

As we release more events in the future, we will let you know how you can earn Roleplay Tokens in each event.

This reward will only be able to be obtained while Chapter Three is ongoing. Once Chapter Three ends, the reward will be gone forever!

Chapter Three Changes
Over the past few months, we've recognized that it becomes difficult to catch up on events when we remove content every few weeks. To solve this issue, all gameplay events for Chapter Three will be able to be played until Chapter Three concludes. We will let everyone know when Chapter Three ends ahead of time so players can complete the content before we remove it.

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A Wicked Nightmare Video:
Directed by: Melioraa
Performers: anoobcarrot, AzureAsh, HenryyTM, NSgaming, Ralie, WillWah
Thumbnail: Sunnya

Release Banner - Sunnya
Roleplay Staff - Droobledore
Magic & Mobs- Droobledore, xAutumnn and Zmiy
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Woo! I cannot wait to explore the new base! 🤩 Awesome video!
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