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A Letter From Headmistress Lare

As students return to Hogsworth following their time at École du Monde Occulte, an owl soars through the Great Hall, dropping a letter on Headmaster Droobledore's plate during breakfast. The Headmaster opens the letter, quietly reads it, and then posts it outside of the Great Hall for students to read. The letter is below.

Dear Hogsworth Students, I thoroughly enjoyed our time together during this years Winter Waltz, exchanging traditions, history, and plenty of wonderful food. I hope you've found École du Monde Occulte as a wonderful place to spend the winter holidays. Although our time together may be drawing to a close, I wanted to ensure that you have a reminder of our incredible time together. As such, I'd like to let you all continue to take care of Pierre back at Hogsworth. I cannot keep letting him escape and run amuck, and you all did such a good job of tracking him down each time that I feel as though you have become real caretakers for Pierre. I've arranged for Pierre to be transported to Hogsworth, where he will arrive shortly (In a more secure habitat, I might add). Although I will miss my dear pet, I trust he will be in good hands. Sincerely, Headmistress Lare

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Honestly so true. Not only did they listen with Winter Waltz prefixes and change it, but this is so sweet and why Potterworld is so fun to play. They care so much even if its a simple thing like my boy Pierre.
Pierre deserves everything! :coffee::giggle: