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A QOTD channel for the discord!


Minecraft IGN: Cateo
Aurorlock Dark Follower Staff Phoenix Serpent Vampire Prefect Arithmancer Poltergeist Inquisitor
Hello you amazing people!!

I was just thinking about this, and thought I'd bring it up as a suggestion!

As a few of you know, I own the popular Serpent Council discord. In this discord, we have these 2 channels that I think would be a great addition to the Potterworld Discord! These channels are:


With these 2 channels, it helps us bring together our community and make friends! On the server, the ones that do the QOTD's are head council members (Gospojken, Mallaidh, and I), then our Council members! (about 13 people). Then everyone is free to answer the question in #QOTD-Response

Additionally, I do QOTD's for quite a lot of discord's and channels (8 to be exact), and these QOTD's have deeply brought the community together. I've made friends and strengthened bonds this way quite easily.

So what if this was implemented on the Potterworld Discord? I think it would be cool for the QOTD and QOTD-Response channel to be above music, and the one's doing the QOTD would be a staff member. Additionally, there could be a ping role to get pinged for daily QOTD's!

I'm dropping some examples upon how the QOTD channels look for the Serpent Discord.
How it looks: https://gyazo.com/08ba5896f9fba7952987fec79b22846f
QOTD's (ones from me for sake of privacy): https://gyazo.com/e0a2e6b020b0268d44c54bdc679a4a1c

Thank you for reading my suggestion! I hope you guys have a Magical Day!! <33

-Cate (CatemasTree)


Minecraft IGN: viewful
Dark Follower Staff Griffin Vampire Prefect Sr. Poltergeist
Hello, and thank you for making a suggestion for Potterworld!

I will bring this to light to the Poltergeist team immediately and gain feedback in order to give you a response as soon as possible. Thank you again, and take care!


Minecraft IGN: YeetChris
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Yes this would be awesome!! I love QOTD & this would be an awesome addition!


Minecraft IGN: viewful
Dark Follower Staff Griffin Vampire Prefect Sr. Poltergeist

I brought your idea up to the team and unfortunately, we will be declining this suggestion at this time. After much consideration, the team concluded that this would be hard to implement and maintain the channel. Additionally, we have over 6000 members in our discord and it would be extremely hard for us to moderate the answers received from the questions. Even if around 50-100 reply, it’s still chaotic and puts pressure on our discord moderation team. Lastly, the questions asked may open the door for inappropriate replies, there could be people who troll by trying to break the rules on purpose or even make fun of another for their answer(s). Nonetheless, we did like this idea and recognise how it would be a nice way for the community to intertwine but sadly, we will not be progressing with this.

Once again, thank you so much for making a suggestion though! We greatly appreciate it!