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A Spectral Invasion - Halloween 2023

Happy Halloween!

Enter Riddleyard if you dare for some spooktacular fun! Hogsworth students can assist the Witches' Coven of Riddleyard in expelling the spooky spectres until November 18th.

Speak to Kevin at the Great Hall to embark on a journey to Riddleyard.

Repeatable Activities
7 activities lurk among the shadows to give you Spooky Tokens, a currency that allows you to confront the ghosts of Riddleyard! These activities are repeatable every 3 hours and also give you Boo Bucks.

Capturing Ghosts + The 9 Hells Gauntlet
Spooky Tokens can be exchanged to have a chance to capture one of 9 demons in their ghoulish form. The 9 Hells Gauntlet requires one to obtain each of the Captured Ghosts. The Gauntlet has many paths to take and achievements to pursue! Gathering all achievements comes with a spell to woo all of your friends. To track your achievements and flaunt them to your friends, you can receive an Achievement Book.

Once you have unlocked the Gauntlet, you can trade Captured Ghosts to get additional spells in your Halloween Wand or buy potions to aid in your efforts.

Quest Journal
In your quest journal, you will see a new icon for the Halloween 2023 Event. This will be accessible throughout the entire event and will be disabled after the event ends. Utilise this to find the starting locations for all of the event content!

You can purchase rewards with Boo Bucks at the tents at the entrance of the event. We have a few old rewards, as well as some newer ones! You can also trade your extra Boo Bucks in for Gold at a 1-to-1 ratio at the Exchange NPC, although all balances will be exchanged to Gold automatically after the event ends.

Project Leadership:
chail3y, TbhKate_
Game Designers: cqvetown, Lbby, NSgaming, SnowyKitty, Strale_Varulv
Magic & Mobs: LeoTheLynx, fobsux, SLGTara
Grounds Keepers: juhin, M_Engel, MelonFoxy, SubtleAsh404, SysterTM, Teheeo
Poltergeists: 20zuzka04, Aglyn, annivelation, AzureAsh, cxrzyyy, KipxSateee, littledead, MelonFoxy
Builds: 0ceqn, Ardnassaz, BurntBananaSplt, chail3y, coldplanet, CraftyKanna, jake_ft, JuJu1_0, JustMaxHell, MikiMau7, PotatoEmma, tiffanyphobia, xNiels
Skins: cxrlyyy, jesseafar, tiffanyphobia, zZalt
Render / Graphics: Lukeius, Prin_ce, heyitslena, juhin
Trailer: xcharlotte
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