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Academics Weekly Assignment — July 17th, 2022

Welcome to the Academics weekly assignment for the week of July 17th, 2022! These weekly assignments will give our Professors the ability to showcase some of their lesson ideas here on the website. Each assignment will be posted for a week, in which everyone will be able to read about the topic and respond to the assignment prompt. This week's assignment is "Magical Career Exploration - Undercover Daily Diviner Writer" created by Jenn (cqvetown).

The assignment is as follows:
Many students are aware of the Daily Diviner, an informational newspaper that brings the newest topics of the magical world to light. However, there is a much lesser known side to this career. Those who focus on the aspect of hiding their true identity to discover hidden information are known as Undercover Daily Diviner Writers. Their dangerous daily tasks can range from learning the deep secrets of local crimes and politics to uncovering the myths and secrets of the wizarding world.

The first known Undercover Daily Diviner Writer was none other than Elle de Silvershy. The article that she had assigned was meant to list the everyday pros and cons of raising nifflies. To do this, she decided to interview a Magizoologist, one who cares for magical creatures, but instead went undercover and came across connections to the illegal sale of dragon eggs in a black market. She is one of the many reasons that the Daily Diviner is extremely popular and credible nowadays and had many other Undercover Daily Diviner Writers follow in her footsteps. For example, Shane Winters, who was Elle’s partner, and Agatha Garfield. Next time you pick up a Daily Diviner article, think about the secrets that could be hiding behind the stories…

After working on the Daily Diviner for many years now, you’ve recently been presented with the opportunity to be an Undercover Daily Diviner Writer! What’s the first story you try to uncover? Do you discover any hidden secrets?

Please make sure to write at least 5 full sentences to get AC for this assignment! Your assignment must be entirely written by you and may not be plagiarized (including copying anything from online sources, books, or movie plots) in any way. Assignments must follow all PotterworldMC rules, which can be found here; assignments that do not follow all PotterworldMC rules will be subject to punishment. If your assignment does not meet the requirements, you will be unable to redo your assignment for this week. Assignments are due at 12am PST on Sunday, July 24th, 2022. You may submit as soon as you would like, but any assignments submitted after that time will not receive grades. You may receive up to 20 ACs for your submission. House points will not be awarded to any submissions. If you have any questions, please reach out to a Jr. Professor, Sr. Professor, Academics Advisor, Academics Lead or Head of Academics on Discord.

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