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Academics Weekly Assignment — May 1st, 2022

Welcome to the Academics weekly assignment for the week of May 1st, 2022! These weekly assignments will give our Professors the ability to showcase some of their lesson ideas here on the website. Each assignment will be posted for a week, in which everyone will be able to read about the topic and respond to the assignment prompt. This week's assignment is "Magical Architecture - Hogsworth" created by Arne (tqrpiar).

The assignment is as follows:
Hogsworth was built many, many years ago, and therefore has an architectural style that we don’t see that often anymore. The castle carries a mixture of Mediaeval Gothic and Norman Romanesque.

Some important aspects of Mediaeval Gothic are pointed arches, large (stained) glass windows and something called rib vaults! Rib vaults is an arched form that gets created where intersections of roofs meet.

An example of Mediaeval Gothic:

Then, Norman Romanesque has two main characteristics; semi-circular arches combined with cylindrical pillars!

An example of Norman Romanesque:

Out of the two different architectural styles, which one is your favourite and why? Is there a style you feel like Hogsworth should explore in? Feel more than free to include a picture of your favourite spot with this style in the school!

Please make sure to write at least 5 full sentences to get AC for this assignment! Your assignment must be entirely written by you and may not be plagiarized (including copying anything from online sources, books, or movie plots) in any way. Assignments must follow all PotterworldMC rules, which can be found here; assignments that do not follow all PotterworldMC rules will be subject to punishment. If your assignment does not meet the requirements, you will be unable to redo your assignment for this week. Assignments are due at 12am PST on Sunday, May 8th, 2022. You may submit as soon as you would like, but any assignments submitted after that time will not receive grades. You may receive up to 20 ACs for your submission. House points will not be awarded to any submissions. If you have any questions, please reach out to a Jr. Professor, Sr. Professor, Academics Advisor, or Head of Academics on Discord.

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