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Adventure Conclusion - Nature's Call

“Dire circumstances shadow our tribe; may our new alliance not fail us as we fight together.”

Nature's Call - Part 5
The Fae Council has graciously offered their hand in battle to the Shadow Hunt. Now the final battle has come, and the Fae and the Shadow Hunt must fight bravely against a dangerous foe. Will the Shadow Hunt and Fae have a strong enough alliance to defeat the enemy, or will they be crushed in the battle? Spellcaster, your hand may be the only one that can turn the tides.

The fifth and final part of our newest Adventure - Nature’s Call - is out! Check out the Adventure under the Activities section of your Quest Book or under the Year 7 quests! Check the mailbox in the Great Hall Courtyard to begin this part of the adventure.

Project Leadership:
myriadofanger, chail3y
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Builds: 0ceqn, annebanane, chail3y, coldplanet, JustMaxHell, MikiMau7, ninaabina, tiffanyphobia
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