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Adventure Progress - Nature's Call

“You have certainly built up trust amongst the general Fae. I and others are shocked! However, it is not just us but the Fae Council’s opinion you must sway.”

Nature's Call - Part 4
After building up your trust with the Faeries, it seems you are finally going to be allowed a word with this mysterious Fae Council. However, they will not be won over so easily, and their alliance with the Shadow Hunt is a must if the Riptide will be faced with a swift loss. The Shadow Hunt are relying on you, human. Will you be able to get the Fae on your side?

Part Four of our newest Adventure - Nature’s Call - is out! Check out the Adventure under the Activities section of your Quest Book or under the Year 7 quests! Speak to Vilotta by the Mailbox in the Great Hall Courtyard to begin!