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An Unusual Alliance - Recap 12

Nathan Nakamori

Notable Magician
An Unusual Alliance - Recap 12
Written by Nathan Nakamori (Roleplay Team)
Date of Plot Point: June 18th, 2020
After the destruction of the Phoenix and Dark Follower bases, the Lord of the Phoenixes, Joshua Pendragon, and his inner-circle members decided to take action against the Ministry! After a heavy discussion on their future plans, the matter was settled. It was acknowledged that the Phoenixes would not be able to stop the corruption of their leader alone. The Phoenixes requested an alliance with the Dark Lord.

With slight concern coming from Joel at the beginning of the meeting, the leaders of the allegiances were quick to come up with a solution. The idea for an alliance was proposed shortly thereafter, since there was a known fact that neither allegiance could have defeated the Ministry and their forces alone. Together, there was a slight possibility that they could destroy the corruption in the Ministry, and with it, remove their leader from power. Both allegiances had lost too many members to stand down and not fight back.

The Lord of the Phoenixes, Joshua Pendragon, quickly came to the conclusion and proposed a plan to enter the Auralock base. After spending countless nights in their confinement, Joshua soon learned that the Auralock base was directly under an abandoned and old Ministry building. He knew that there were abandoned tunnels that the Auralocks once used, but have been forgotten. The inner-circle members and leaders of the allegiances discussed the safest solution, and the tunnels leading to the heart of the Auralock base seemed the best fit for the situation. The idea was reinforced when Joshua stated that the tunnels were secured with enchantments.

The Phoenix Flamekeeper, Andreu Zoldyck, brought up a fair point. What is their plan of action? With their numbers, they were stable and powerful enough to use “brute force” against the Auralocks. The plan was set; the Dark Followers would lead the attack on the Auralocks, while the Phoenixes would destroy the system from within. It was simple: the Auralocks would be occupied, so Shakti should be defeated! The attack on the Ministry would occur the upcoming weekend, at 12pm PST. It was time for the Ministry to face true justice!