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April 2024 Hidden Coupon - Found

Greetings, witches and wizards!

We are excited to announce the release of this month's hidden coupon! Each month, we release riddles and puzzles around the world and on our store, with the first to crack the codes and find items in-game winning the month's coupon. Our hidden coupons are released on the third weekend of each month.

This gift card can only be obtained by one lucky player and is hidden well. We have used locations which are especially easily accessible for players this month!

Each gift card can only be obtained once and will give the player who finds it $5.00 to spend for free on our store! Owned coupons can be checked in /me and are valid for 6 months from release. These can be used to purchase items from our store and also lower the price you have to pay for items.

The player who found the coupon first last month cannot participate in this month's hidden coupon hunt. This is to ensure that many players can have a chance at the coupon and to share rewards.

For this month's gift card, head to the store to find a beautifully blue cosmetic!

Update (April 22, 2024):
We are thrilled to announce that the April 2024 hidden coupon has been found! Thank you to everyone who put their effort and time into searching for it. We hope that the puzzles in this month's coupon hunt were enjoyable.

While the coupon is now found, you can still search for it using our store hint if you want a challenge! The hints are removed once the next hidden coupon is released, but you can still encounter the puzzle on the server.

Please see below for this month's hidden coupon solution and the winners so far!

The April 2024 hidden coupon hunt required players to solve a series of riddles to find three items in our world. This time, all the items were located near fruits and vegetables!

The beautiful blue cosmetic on our store that the website announcement referenced was the Pet Butterfly. There, players could find the following riddle: Hi there! Excited for a journey of clues to find the April 2024 hidden coupon, are you? Find me in the delicious lands of purple to start your voyage!

Our first riddle led players to the grape vineyard in Appleby, where our beautiful butterfly hid at 4484 12 4474. Players receive the following message when finding it: Congratulations on finding the first of the April 2024 Hidden Coupon items! Here is a riddle for the next item on your journey: Fruits are so tasty, aren't they? I have heard there is a lovely store selling plenty of fruits and vegetables. Who knows, maybe you find something as beautifully blue as this butterfly there? Beware of the dangerous creatures that live near the town!

This riddle referenced the fruits and vegetables store in Greenshore Harbour, where the dangerous creatures are a reference to the dragons nearby. The item as beautifully blue as the butterfly was the Cyan Flower Crown and could be found on top of a shelf at 6081 18 1758. The following message was sent when it was found and a last riddle was provided to the player: You completed the second part of the April 2024 hidden coupon. Here is your next riddle: So many fruits and vegetables! Maybe you should bring some to your old friend? They might need some supplies after all the recent Pumpkin Punch brewed for the five inns.

The final riddle hinted at the Ingredients NPC in Vertick Alley, whom players interact with during the Brew Your Brew quest. In this quest, players had to brew Pumpkin Punch and deliver it to five inns. The Ingredients NPC provided the players with the ingredients needed for the Pumpkin Punch. Ultimately, players could find a Cherry Blossom Broom at the top of the building at 2891 66 -10 and claim their prize of a $5.00 gift card.

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