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Arena Season 4 Releases


Minecraft IGN: xMye
Auralock Dark Follower Staff Phoenix Serpent Vampire Werewolf Lore Master SPEW Poltergeist Lead Arena Master Lead

Greetings witches and wizards!

It's time for our Arena 2023 Season 4 Releases!

Arena Maps: We have heard your frustrations with our dueling maps being inconsistent and broken, thus have gone ahead and begun fixing all Arenas we have. Currently, we still have quite a few maps being worked on and ask you to please be patient with us. We have been running into multiple issues on our backend servers that have contributed to issues on live when hosting.

On other news, we have added some new courses for each of our game modes!

NEW - Champ De Mars Dueling Arena

NEW - Halloween Forest Flying Course

Arena Dueling Halls: We are working on reducing lag within the Arena Halls. We realised that this can be an issue for many players, resulting in unfair fights due to the lag. Because of this, and the feedback we have had, we want to make everyone's experience within the Arena Halls more enjoyable!

Arena Protocol: The Arena Team have added a new protocol rule. This new rule is:

  • If a player disconnects within the first 10 seconds of a race, the race will be restarted.

This is due to feedback we have gotten about players freezing before they've had the chance to spawn into the map or arena. Additionally, the Team will be more vigilant and understanding of this in the future.

Arena Hub and Lobby Changes: We've gone ahead and decorated our hub and lobbies to reflect the spooky season! Come along to upcoming Challenges and Tournaments to check them out.

Arena Token Shop: We have also gone ahead and fixed the issues we had with our Token Shop. Arena Scores are now combined—meaning everyone's Flying and Dueling scores contribute to their overall score—allowing you to purchase exclusive rewards at a faster pace. A small explanation has also been added to the Token Shops categories GUI explaining this change.

Arena Discord: We have begun to make events on the Arena Discord for upcoming Tournaments! We will also be doing this for future Arena events.

Arena Credits: Aglyn, Creme_de_Creme, cxrlyyy, cxrzyyy, tqrpiar, Wildsam, xMye

Build Credits: chail3y, cxrlyyy, Juju1_0, ninaabina, 0ceqn

Banner Credits: Chillinessa

Testing Credits: juhin, M_Engel, Tangluar123, Teheeo

And finally, we'd like to credit you guys! This update wouldn't have been possible without all your feedback. We hope you enjoy this release and we're looking forward to seeing you at our future Challenges and Tournaments!