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Aviforma's Trial - Recap 4

Aviforma's Trial - Recap 4
Written by Nathan Nakamori (Roleplay Team)
Date of Live Event: February 15th, 2020

After being taken into custody by Auralocks, Aviforma was put on trial under the charges of creating public disorder and assassinating Chief Auralock Lauren Strudel. The trial was held before an open gallery, where citizens from around the wizarding world gathered to watch the proceedings. Aviforma was defiant towards the Ministry, arguing that his previous protests against the Chief had been lawful and that the Ministry was trying to silence his right to assembly. He also denied playing any part in Lauren’s assassination. Jack, the Ministry official overseeing the trial, pressed Aviforma on these charges, leading to a heated back and forth which culminated in Aviforma suggesting that the Ministry itself was responsible for Lauren’s death. Suddenly, an explosion rocked the courtroom as three dark-robed figures entered the room through a newly created hole. These figures revealed themselves to be Dark Followers with a dire message for the wizarding world. They claimed that although they were not responsible for Lauren’s assassination, they believed that the Ministry was corrupt and intended to oppose it going forward. As quickly as they had arrived, the group vanished and Aviforma escaped.