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Bring Back Professions in the form of Hogsworth Classes!


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I am fairly new to PW and don't know how professions were like before but I think I might have a cool idea!

There are plenty of empty classrooms in Hogsworth and the idea of actually going to classes on your own time isn't really achievable except for the first year experience!

I was thinking we could create a reputation like system in Hogsworth but with professions instead!

Here is how it would work:

You would go to a random classroom and there would be like a Beginner level herbology teacher. You have to do a herbology style lesson (where you gather plants and such and create something) and turn in the newly made object to the professor to get points (similar to soul points). After you complete a certain amount of classes you are able to move onto medium level classes and then onto expert level classes. It would be a tiered system like reputations where you gradually unlock new skills in the profession until you complete all expert level courses and receive the profession! You could do this for numerous different classes like flying or potions and unlock careers in the form of an icon next to your username like it is now for people who have professions.

I think this would be a fun idea to incorporate into hogsworth because right now after the first year, you don't spend much time inside the castle although you are still a student. It would also give people who never had a chance to do professions to experience them in a new light!

Let me know what yall think, thanks!


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Hiya, @synonymsforsky

Unfortunately, I have arrived with some sad news. This suggestion has been declined as it is not something we are going to be looking into doing. From a GD standpoint, we are going to be completely changing our professions to be a brand new system, which we have already planned out. Our new subjects are going to be completed throughout the world, instead of in classes in the school.

Additionally, from an Academics point of view, this would be a massive project to undertake, and would take a lot of time and change to the system we already have planned. Players may want AC from these classes as well, and this would interfere with the AC given from the actual class system. Players may end up not wanting to attend live classes which would greatly impact overall class attendance. These profession classes may also become confusing for new players and in the playerbase between the existence of classes around the school as well as live classes, and players may end up thinking that our classes are just the NPC classes, instead of live classes as well.

Nevertheless, thank you for taking the time into creating this suggestion we appreciate it!

I hope you have a wonderful day/night!