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Bug Fixes & Improvements [October 2nd 2023]


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Hello everyone!

It has been a little while, but we’re excited to showcase what we have been up to over the last few months. We’re also super excited to announce that we have updated the online map to now include our latest releases such as Woodshire, Appleby Village, and the Fairy Sanctuary!

Online Map
After two and a half years, our online map has gotten a fresh look. On the map, players will now find:
  • Woodshire
  • The Appleby Village Revamp
  • The Longbay Landing Pirate Ship
  • Pirate Cove
  • The Fairy Sanctuary
Over the coming weeks we’ll be adding more POIs to the map, and fixing any existing errors with the data that is currently contained within it.

Player Ignore System
We have made a few tweaks recently to our player ignore system. Players who you have blocked, or have blocked you, are now no longer able to do the following:
  • Send or receive mail
  • Send or receive trade requests
  • Use emotes on each other

Game Queues
We have made a few fixes and improvements to game queues. Firstly game queues no longer “vanish” when swapping worlds. This was caused by swapping the worlds whilst the game was getting ready to start. When you spawned on the new world, the queue would no longer show up. This is now fixed.

In addition, we have also added the ability to opt out of the game starting notifications in the games chat through toggling the setting in /settings.

We have also made a few changes to minigames themselves as noted below.
  • Fixed bags breaking players within the Gauntlet and Dungeons when they were opened
    • They are disabled by default
  • Fixed a bug where seekers would spawn into the seeking area early if they died during the hiding phase
  • Fixed a bug in Quabbleball where if a player left the game then rejoined during the cooldown phase, they wouldn’t be given a position in the game
  • Fixed a bug where players would sometimes not spawn with a wand in 1v1 Arena
  • Fixed the total players counter on the main website not correctly updating the daily player count

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issues with guild access not working correctly on Housing
  • Fixed players being able to rename pets with name tag items
  • Fixed spell presets allowing more than the maximum amount of allowed presets being saved
  • Fixed a bug where newly sorted players would have their player tag colours outdated in the interact and me profile menu

Miscellaneous Features
  • A /settings command has been added to open the menu for customising your Potterworld experience
  • When defeating players, if you hover on the kill message, the wand lore of the wand will now display, similar to that seen in the interact menu
  • Placing blocks on Housing has also become easier, as when you are holding a block, you will no longer sit down on a chair whilst trying to place a block on it
  • Casting on the housing NPCs (Shopkeeper and Elf) has also been disabled
  • Potion Effects are no longer transferred from the world to Housing, and vice versa
    • The same also applies for in-class
    • Fixes issues where players would spawn into housing or classes with gameplay effects such as nausea
  • Added support for professors to hide hats in classes

That is all for this update. We hope you enjoy these changes!