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Bug Fixes & Improvements [October 9th 2020]


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Greetings everyone!

Because of yesterday’s housing bug, we had to release a couple of bug fixes and improvements to the server that we had been working on:
  • We have allowed all players to use the /ping [name] command. If you don’t enter a name, you’ll get your own ping. We allow mods that give this information (e.g. labymod), so we thought it’d only be fair if everyone had this command.
  • Loot chests should no longer give you the items remaining in the chest if you close it.
  • You will no longer get the message “You cannot drop items whilst having a GUI open” when you don’t have a GUI open. This was caused by players using /gear on you.
  • Fixed a bug where minigames would get stuck when the chests were restocked. If a block chest was removed and replaced with another block, it’d error and the minigame would get stuck.
  • Fixed a dupe glitch on housing.
  • Added some store advertisements in the tab footer.
  • Disabled team selection for Quabbleball - this has been an ongoing debate since the release of Quabbleball, but after some consideration, we decided to make this call. Quabbleball is the game that requires the most minimum players, meaning that it can take a while to get into a game - it becomes a bad experience when you spend 20 minutes waiting for a game to start, only for all the good players to go on the same team and defeat you (especially if you’re new). We made a poll shortly after the release (a year+ ago), and the amount of players who wanted it removed was a lot more than players who wanted it there. If our player count ever increases to the point where games are starting a lot more frequently, we can consider other alternatives so you can still be on the same team as your friends.
  • Made it so receiving fall damage in the first memory walker dropper will kill you immediately - this should prevent cheating (with e.g. gear)
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to go to housing, cast jump boost spells and then go back to a parkour. Sneaky!

We’re still working on the player scoreboards and backpacks! We actually began working on something new that players have been suggesting for years, but that’s all I can say for now! We’ve made a lot of progress on it so far, and can’t wait to show it to you all. :)

That’s it for now! Thank you all for your patience, and please always give us feedback - we are always listening and discussing your ideas, even if it might not always seem so :)


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Bless!!! Glad to see all of this \o/