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  • what a great day to be alive! do you guys know why it is such a great day? well, because it is another day potterworld lives on of course! i love potterworld so so so super duper much, it is so hard to put into words. alas, I must try, as how else will i be able to express my deep love for potterworld??? my love for potterworld is so deep in my bones, it is the very fabric of my being. without potterworld, who am i to even dare to keep existing? potterworld is my love, my life, my forever ever. i love potterworld so much. thank you, potterworld, for the simple act of existing. i dont know what i would do without potterworld. i love potterworld so much!!!!!!
    another year, another amazing day of existing within potterworld! what a joyous day this is, as we are allowed another year of existing in the same time as potterworld! i love potterworld so much, from the hard working staff, the community that potterworld has built, the amazing gameplay that potterworld provides, i just love all of it!!!! thank you so much for potterworld for being my reason for living, my light in my life, the reason that I can keep going every single day. i must give special thanks, of course, to the potterworld staff!!!! their hard work is what makes the great potterworld server the greatest henry porter roleplay server there is. i love potterworld so much, and without the potterworld staff, the potterworld that we know of today would not exists! thank you so much for keeping such an amazing and mindblowing server up and running, and bringing such joy and light into mine and every single potterworld player's life. i love potterworld so super duper much, and every day i wake up to make sure that the light of my life exists, that it is still up and running. thank you so much for another year of light and happiness!!!!! i love potterworld so super duper duper much!!!!!
    please stop, this is unhealthy
    impossible, as my love for potterworld surpasses any health needs I may have! potterworld is my life, and as such, is my health as my love persists. as long as potterworld is healthy, i myself is healthy, as my life force is connected to the life force of potterworld.
    i am pleased and excited to announce my 10000 view milestone on my potterworldmc profile!!! never in all my years of playing potterworldmc and being in the wonderful potterworldmc community did i think this would ever be possible!!!!!! i would love to thank the amazing potterworldmc community, from my fellow students to the super duper bestest potterworld staff for making this possible!!!! without the potterworld community, i would be nothing, as my love for potterworld and entire life is tied to potterworld itself!!!!! i love potterworld so super duper much, it is the best herny porter minecraft roleplay server i have ever played on in my entire life, and i am always humbled and glad to be a member of the potterworldmc minecraft roleplay community!!! thank you to the potterworld community, potterworld staff members, and potterworld as a whole for being my life, my everything, the very reason i am even here in this world!!!!!!!!! i love potterworld so so so sooooo much, and i thank you all for making the potterworld community the potterworld community!!!!!!!
    another amazing year of potterworld has passed, and I must say, potterworld just keeps getting better and better!!! they say all good things get better as time goes on, and potterworld exceeds all expectations, which were already sky high as potterworld is the best!!!! 2022 brought great things to potterworld, and 2023 will bring even greater things to potterworld!! this is why i love potterworld so much, this is such a great and awesome server, with a great community, great gameplay, and best and MOST important of all, great staff!!!! thank you so much potterworld staff for making potterworld the bestest and awesomest server that it is!!! i love potterworld so super duper much, and cannot wait to see what potterworld brings to 2023!!!!!!
    A good day that today is! Potterworld is so nice, and I love Potterworld so much! I am making preperations of writing for this great and beautiful server we call Potterworld. It is to show just how much I love Potterworld! Thank you to the potterworld staff and community for how super duper awesome everyone is, and how nice and friendly and helpful everyone is!!! I cannot wait to make my mark on the best minecraft henry porter roleplay server ever!!! thank you so much potterworld, staff, and community, for just how awesome you guys all are!!! i love potterworld so much!!!
    thank you so much for your contribution to my board! i greatly appreciate it!!! this video was super duper interesting, and I love the timestamp you have picked, it really shows to the hardworkingness of the potterworld community!!!
    hi everyone! my new years resolution for 2022 is to be more dedicated to potterworld!!! i am just in love with the potterworld community and server, and will be dedicating my time to writing something very awesome and cool about potterworld!!! it will be great and a full length small book!!! stay tuned!!! :giggle::giggle::giggle:
    what a great year 2021 has been! potterworld, once again, has brought joy and happiness to my year! I would like to thank the potterworld community for being such an inclusive and helpful community, and especially of course the potterworld staff members for how helpful and friendly they all are!!! thank you so much for making the potterworld community the potterworld community, I look forward to another year of happiness and joy that can only come from playing potterworld and the people that make it such a joyous server! potterworld truly is the best minecraft harry potter not afflilated with jk rowling roleplay server ever!!! I love potterworld so super duper much!!!
    I would like to wish everyone in the potterworld community a merry christmas! this community has truly brought me joy and happiness and love and friendships!!! i love just how accepting and diverse the potterworld community is!!! thank you so much everyone for your existance, and thank you especially to the potterworld staff for how hard you work to make the potterworld christmas experience like no other!!! i love potterworld so much, and merry christmas everyone!!!!!
    tonight is a joyous occassion!! it's the second night of hannukkah!!!! i love just how diverse and accepting the potterworld community is, to be sure to include hannukah in the great arsenal of winter holidays celebrated! however, i am saddened to see a few mistakes made in the most recent potterworldmc instagram story!!! while i am very happy that we are expanding our language selection use to outside the english language, as it is the second day of hannukkah and not the first day as the post suggests, i would suggest saying chag hanukkah sameach instead!!! that the model of the menorah created by the hardworking potterworld staff only has 7 candles, as opposed to the traditional 9! this means that the model is missing a super duper important 9th candle! one of the most important candles, actually! this candle is called the shamash, and it's usually higher than the other candles. just like the potterworld staff, the shamash helps the other candles in its community, lighting them up in their times of light and creating the final picture of the menorah! it lights the passion the candles were there to do at their spot! without the shamash, like the potterworld community to the potterworld staff, the menorah would not be the menorah without one! we are also missing a member of the community, the 8th candle! we would not want the potterworld memorah to be missing a member of its community!!! thank you to the potterworld staff for sharing the light of hannukkah to the potterworld community!!! it's a great day to get some jelly donuts and latkes, and share them our fellow potterworld staff and potterworld community! thank you so super super duper much potterworld staff for your hard work in making sure just how inclusive and diverse the potterworld community is, however i just could not overlook this great mistake in the ridding of this very important member of the menorah community!!

    omgomgomg everyone!!! guess what!! today, one of the bestest greatest super duper hardworking member of the potterworld community has successfully joined the staff team!!! i must say congrats, in the most potterworld fashion possible, to Maddie Doggo!!!! congrizzleberries!!!!! heart heart smile love <3 you are great staff member and so hard working!!! you are living the true potterworld dream of being part of the potterworld staff team, the pride and joy of the potterworld magiventologist game design serpent staff team!!! congrats again maddie doggo for you hard work, friendliness, helpfulness, and greatness to the potterworld community!!! i love potterworld so much, and maddie doggo (not a furry) is one of the top most reasons of why i love potterworld so much!! she is the epitome of hardworking, friendly, and helpfulness and the reason why potterworld is the absolute best minecraft harry potter roleplay server ever!!!!!!!! this image was made as a congratulatory gift to her <3 smile

    today one of my suggestions that was being considered has been rejected! the suggestion, of course, being that if everyone agrees that they want to have teams within a quabbleball game, teams should be formed! i had made this suggestion as while i do not disagree with randomized teams, i feel that it takes away from community driven quabbleball tournaments, and if everyone decided they want to be on a team, then it is almost like they are agreeing that they want to have teams! just one person is needed to say no to the decision, which is the inverse of how much it takes to make an amendment to california's prop 22! it is democracy with weight towards the small, as they hold the power in this situation! however, this was rejected because the potterworld staff have decided that their decision to randomize teams is important to team balance within the potterworld community, as seen in another post which acted as a poll with around as much or a little less likes than my suggestion post. Of course, I definitely see their reasoning for rejecting my suggestion, as we do not want to make anyone feel excluded within the potterworld community! people choosing teams, even if everyone felt that they wanted to have teams, is exclusion, and isn't inclusive!! this is one of the reasons why i love potterworld! the staff listens to our suggestions and think critically if it would better the server, which allows the server to grow everyday!! i am honoured to have been included within the process, and am grateful for the potterworld staff for considering my idea at all, and agree wholeheartedly on their reasoning to reject my idea, as it would not better the potterworld community as i initially thought it would!!! i love potterworld so much, and thank you to the potterworld staff especially for always making sure our suggestions are listened to and considered everytime!!
    it brings me great joy to congrats tang as lead! a great member of the potterworld community, she is definitely suited and the perfect person to become a potterworld lead! it brings me great joy to see tang's hard work pay off!!! this is why i love potterworld so much, anyone can become part of the community, and later on part of the prestigious potterworld staff as long as they are a model member of the potterworld community! it is the potterworld dream!!!! congrats and thank you tang for all your hard work, helpfulness, and friendliness within the potterworld community!!! you are a beacon, idol, a role model for all aspiring potterworld staff members!!
    a joyous day today is, as i have heard back from one of the suggestions that i have made! while it was rejected, i understand that this is for the best of the potterworld community, and 100% agree with the choices made by the potterworld staff team!!! i would like to thank the staff of the potterworld community for your consideration of my suggestion, and will work harder to improve myself for the betterment of the potterworld community!!! thank you so super duper much for being transparent and considerate of my suggestion, and may potterworld improve on itself every day!! thank you so much!! it is moments like these that remind me why i love the potterworld community so super duper much!!!
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