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  • the potterworld staff is so helpful! I love them so much! just today, I was wondering what version one had to be on to log on to the best harry potter minecraft roleplay server, since i am unable to check myself by logging on. help quickly arrived as multiple staff members provided me with the correct minecraft version number, and offered additional help with that too! i am so greatful for how helpful the staff in the potterworld community is! they are so hard working to have responded to my message so quickly, and to even offer additional help to me! thank you super duper much everyone for the help! everyone is so friendly and helpful and hardworking in the potterworld community, i love everyone and everything so so so much!!! i love the potterworld staff team and community!!!
    i know i am slightly late, but i wanted to wait until the day server time before saying so for the immersion! anyways, happy birthday to 2 entire staff members of the potterworld community, dean and E! since they are both in game design, they are definitely responsible for the great server, immersion, and gameplay of the great potterworld server! thank you so much for your contribution to the potterworld community and the server! it is you guys that make the server so fun to play on, that just make my gameplay experience and gameplay immersion so much morer! thank you so much for all your hardwork to ensure the playerbase's happiness, experience, and funness on the server! i love how you guys always have the potterworld community in mind when upgrading the server with more and more content! by listening to the community, you guys always ensure our happiness and AMAZING gameplay experience!! thank you for always keeping the community in mind when making changes so much!! thank you so so super duper much yall, happy birthday!!!!! <3 : )
    today i have asked the potterworld community for their favourite magical creature! the top 3 responses were unicorn, pheonix, and niffler! i think that this is a very good representation of the potterworld commmunity! unicorns are friendly and pure and beautiful, showing how amazing the potterworld community is to be so pure, friendly, and beautiful! pheonixes, no matter what, will rebirth! against all odds, like being set on fire completely, they always come back! i feel like this represents the hardworkingness of the potterworld community, and just how hardworking everyone is! it also shows the graciousness of second chances potterworld gives to their players! whether its little or large things, potterworld always has the player's happiness in mind with every update they do!!! lastly, the niffler! nifflers are cute and lovely, as seen in the shiny cute niffler at the top of the right hand side of the website! its just so so so cute! it shows just the support the potterworld community has to the server, a mutual relationship! i just love how these answers really show the potterworld community in their best light! thank you everyone for your friendliness like an unicorn, hard workingness like the pheonix, and the support like the niffler! thank you so much everyone, i love the potterworld community so so so super duper much!!! thank you all!!!
    i love the potterworld community so much! sometimes i can be asked what about the potterworld community that i love specifically. oh, that is so hard to answer! i cannot say, as i love everyone and everything about the potterworld community so much!!! however, if i was forced to say, i would say the potterworld staff! everyone on the staff team are so nice! i love all the staff members! if anyone was ever mean to me from the staff team, i literally physically cannot remember! all i remember of the potterworld staff team from the farthest back to the very most recent interaction is a plethora of niceness!!! i love the potterworld staff team specifically the most of potterworld! i think it is what makes potterworld potterworld, next to the community, hardwork, and friendliness! i love the potterworld staff team so much! they work so hard to ensure our happiness, fun, loyalty, and immersion! you cannot have potterworld without the staff team! thank you so much to the potterworld staff for making potterworld potterworld!!!! thank you for your hard work, friendliness, and helpfulness, i cannot thank you all enough!!! thank you so much everyone, i love you all!!!
    today i have a friendly potterworld pro tip!!! if you turn on notifications for all messages on the potterworld discord, you will never be behind in the potterworld community! full immersion is the biggest pluses to the potterworld community, next to the helpfulness and friendliness of everyone! i love the potterworld community!
    the daytime has only been back for a few days, but I am already enjoying it so much now that potterworld once again has daytime! you know, before, the lack of daytime was really sad. i would open my blinds, and see nothing remnant of the day that used to bless potterworld. fortunately, the staff of potterworld has fixed this, once again showing their blessed benevolence to us, the potterworld community! thank you so much for your hard work and care for us, potterworld staff!
    i love how helpful everyone in the potterworld community is! just today, i was super duper stuck on a riddle, and i couldnt access the quest chat ingame to ask. so instead, i asked the quest chat on discord for help! and help came nearly right away! i love how fast acting the community is to help others, i was able to find the answer to my riddle right away! thank you so much everyone for your help and hard work, i love the potterworld community so much!
    all clear! thanks to help from the potterworld community, my hands have officially regained their colour and the shaking has slowed to a managable rate! thank you so much for how helpful everyone is!!! that was super quick actuallly, sometimes i cannot believe how helpful and friendly everyone in the community is! i love the potterworld community so much!
    i know i promised myself i would not make more than one post in a day announcing my love for the potterworld community, but i cannot help myself. the previous post had so many letters, i cannot restrain myself from shaking. every letter i type gives me happiness, i am overwhelmed with the amount of happiness that this community has brought to me. im literally shivering at this point. its all so much, how hard the staff work, how much love and care they put for their players. the friendliness and helpfulness of the players. everything. i love it so much, i cannot stop shaking. every letter i type pumps adrenaline into my veins, i can barely type anymore. my love for potterworld is so strong, the words are shaking as i type. i want to keep expressing my love, but the more i type the harder it is to do so, due to the shivers of joy that overcome me. i must rest now, before this happiniess overwhelms me to the point where i cannot post anymore. thank you everyone for your hard work and helpfulness! i am forever greatful for the happiness that you bring into my life! oh my, my veins are turning noticably blue. goodbye, and remember, i appreciate and love you all to no bounds!!!
    nothing gives me more happiness than the potterworld community! with every day, every post I make declaring my love for the potterworld community, i get a shot of adrenaline. I love the potterworld community so much! i cannot imagine a world without potterworld and its staff members and the players. without potterworld, i am no more. i am dust. gone. potterworld is my life. my heartrate increases with joy with every thought of the friendly, helpful, and hardworking potterworld community and staff. i love everyone so much. thank you for the hard work omg i love you guys all so so so much. i love potterworld so much. every letter i type announcing my love for potterworld brings me euphoria, i type until i can no more. i love the potterworld community so much, thank you everyone for the hard work that keeps it alive, keeps it well within my heart, pumping. thank you everyone for keeping all the happiness in my life alive! i cannot imagine a world without potterworld. thank you so much for your hard work of keeping this alive!!! thank you so much thank you!!!!
    nothing makes me happier than the potterworld community! i love how helpful everyone is, especially whenever someone doesn't know something! everyone is so helpful, that there are chats in the potterworld chat speciafially for helping people! i dont know what makes the chat more helpful than that! its so much people helping, that they had to make an entire seperate chat just for it! that just shows how helpful everyone is in the potterworld communtiy! thank you everyone for being so helpful and friendly!
    i think the most beautifulest thing of the potterworld community is how much people are willing to help each other! once, i got lost in hogsend, and had to ask people around where something is. quickly, people found coords, the name of the building i was trying to find, everything! i love the potterworld community so much! without them, i probably still would've been lost, trying to figure out how to get from hogsworth to hogsend! thank you so much everyone, i appreciate how friendly and helpful you all are!!!
    i am really loving all these dueling challenges! much more ways to earn house points, and theyre really fun with ac included! thank you so much for adding all these new ways to earn for the community and everything, its so super duper cool and i love it so much! thanks for all the hard work to host these challenges for us, the potterworld community!!! i love it so much omg thank you so so so much!! i love the thought that went into them!
    this is a bit late but i just wanted to congratulate ravens for winning the house cup! all your hard work really paid off, and i believe that with team work and hard work, everyone can win the house cup! congrats to all ravens and everyone! this teamwork and comadreship really shows what the potterworld community is capable of! congrats!
    today i would like to show my love to the potterworld community by making a super cool graphic! i spent all day on it, working super hard, but i think that it is finally good enough to properly express my love for the best server ever made, potterworldmc, and its community and everyone that works so hard on it! thank you everyone for your greatness and helpfulness! they say a picture says a thousand words, so i hope that this picture is good enough to properly express just how much i love the potterworld community in over a thousand words!
    omg today i have another example of why the potterworld community is literally the best! basically, i was having trouble with this riddle, and when i asked, a response came super duper quick! i cant check how accurate the answer was, but I dont need to! thats just how much I trust the potterworld community! literally everyone is so helpful omg i love this server and everyone in it so so soo much! thank you everyone for the help!
    i love the potterworld community! everyone is so nice, and the staff really considers the needs and happiness of us players! they really try super duper hard to ensure our happiness! thank you so much for everyone's hard work! i really enjoy the hard work that everyone puts in! thank you everyone so so much!!! i love the community that has been created! thank you to everyone!!!
    i hope i dont miss charms class today! good thing with the new discord notification system, I can make sure that I get notified for every class that happens in potterworld! ive already enjoyed over 400 classes in this game, i love the potterworld community!!!
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