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Cherry Blossom Festivals at Mahounoshiro - Spring Event 2023

Spring is here! Get ready for a relaxing trip to the Mahounoshiro School of Magic. Take in the beautiful blooming cherry blossom trees as you explore the school and nearby park. Speak to Kevin just outside of the Great Hall to begin your vacation! You may even run into a few new fluffy friends along the way.

The Spring Event will be available from April 1st to April 29th.

Egg Hunt
After completing the intro quest, you'll notice hidden eggs all over the school and at the park. Collect eggs and talk to Zenia at Mahounoshiro in order to unlock cool rewards!

Repeatable Gameplay
There are 5 side quests for this event. 4 can be repeated every 12 hours until the end of the event. The 5th quest, which is Doggy Daycare Matchmaker, can be repeated every 12 hours up to 9 times total.

There are droppers, parkours, mazes, and an elytra available to earn additional Event Tokens.

Additionally, minigames in /games will be rewarding Event Tokens for the duration of the event.

You can purchase rewards such as banners, heads, and collectables using Event Tokens at the Mahounoshiro courtyard. There are also new rewards available to unlock and purchase from Zenia near the dog shelter at Mahounoshiro. You will be able to trade Event Tokens in for Gold at a 1-to-1 ratio at the Rewards NPC, and you will be able to trade in extra eggs for Event Tokens at Zenia at a 2-to-1 ratio.

Content Creation:

Event Builds:
JustMaxHell, xNiels_, annebanane, ForbiddenPlaces, Blizz, daniloelnino, Droobledore, Lord_Telion, Zis_Craft, Eimly

Bertnana, Bloopish, Bwunie, jesseafar, kaae, queenofspacerats, Ralie, SalamiBaby123, Sorcellerie, zZalt

Testing + Feedback:
Aglyn, AzureAsh, AviannTheBird, Ismoo, KipxSateee, carzywarzy, Mireiia, xMye, marmitemira, annivelation, 20zuzka04, Tangular123, Teheeo, Engel_Frost, SysterTM, TaraTheDragon, juhin

Graphics - heyitslena, Prin_ce
Models - Prin_ce, Droobledore
Trailer - xcharlotte
Gear - NSGaming
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