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Class Helper Applications


Hello everyone!

On behalf of the Academics Department I'm excited to announce that Class Helper applications are now open! We are excited to welcome some new people to the team!

Class Helper is the entry rank to the Academics Department, and you'll get the opportunity to help out Professors in classes and, if you want to, work towards becoming a Jr Professor one day!

Applications will be open indefinitely meaning there's no need to rush to apply - take your time over your application and make sure you are able to meet all the requirements (listed at the start) before submitting it. There's no longer a requirement to have a clean record (although it's still recommended) so make sure to apply if you can! Feel free to contact Head Staff if you have any questions.

Click here to find the application, and good luck!



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Good luck to everyone who decides to apply!<3 I'm looking forward to seeing some new faces in the team :eyes: