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Dark Lord Election - Recap 6

Dark Lord Election - Recap 6
Written by Nathan Nakamori (Roleplay Team)
Date of Live Event: March 29th, 2020​

Following the announcement that was made earlier in the past two weeks, the Dark Lord/Lady Election would be held on the 29th of March. The duelists were: Leyak, Joel, Maggie, Deci, Aria, Aurora, Champ and a mysterious hooded figure, who were the eight most powerful Dark Followers. With the commentator Noah Pendragon speaking the words: "Today is the dawn of a new age. One where the Ministry will fall!" the match was about to begin.

The first round was Leyak vs. Joel, two young lads with great strength, though Joel ended up winning this round. The following rounds were Maggie vs. Deci, Aria vs. the mystery man and Aurora vs. Champ. With only 4 champions left, the semi-finals were about to begin. Everyone cheered and screamed, until the very moment where Champ was fighting the mysterious hooded figure off during the semi-finals. The mystery man saw that he was going to lose and used the forbidden Mortiavra curse on Champ. The bystanders, duelists and the commentator were shocked by this unanticipated action. The commentator shouted: ‘Ah! STOP THE DUEL!’. Champ’s lifeless body got carried away by retrievers as the grand finale was just about to begin. The last two remaining champions in the election were Joel and the mystery man. Both knowing that only one could win, they gave everything for that last duel, but Joel ended up overpowering his opponent, making Joel Crestello the new Dark Lord.

With his victory, Joel gave a speech to all spectators: "Throughout history, society has frowned upon the Dark Followers. They fear us because that’s what they’ve been told by those in ‘power’. They may call us the bad guys but in this world, there are no bad guys. There is only ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, and we are what’s right."