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Death Effects Released


Witches and wizards! Ready your wands, as we bring you a magical store update!

We are excited to be releasing our new custom death effects! This feature allows players to pick and choose the effect that appears when you die in-game. We have started off by releasing a few different death effects that will be priced at $1.99 USD on the store.

Want to show off your house pride when you die? Or perhaps want to burst into a rainbow instead?
Choose one of the following death effects!

Red Firework Explosion
Blue Firework Explosion
Green Firework Explosion
Yellow Firework Explosion
Rainbow Firework Explosion

You can change your death effect by typing /deathfx in-game.
There are in total 8 commands that opens this menu. See if you can find them all!

Click here to visit the store!

Thank you for your continuous support! We hope you enjoy this update.​


<deleted member>

Exciting update! 🎉


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Now I can die from dueling, but in style! :cool:


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Now we can die as gloriously as you-know-who himself