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Discord Voice Channel Changes


Hello everyone!

As per popular request, we've added some additional swearing voice channels and changed the categories slightly. They're called The Dark Prison and the Mysterious Manor and can be found under a new category called "Swearing Channels". With there now being three in total - including the pre-existing Knockturn Alley - we felt it would be wise to separate them from the rest of the non-swearing channels to avoid any confusion or incidents.

The rules have been amended slightly to more accurately represent how we want these channels to be used. We're revoking the term "NSFW" and instead using "Swearing", as these are two very different things and the former is one we don't want to encourage anywhere on our platforms.

Please note that these changes do no effect any other existing rules & any incidents of NSFW content, or inappropriate language such as racist, homophobic, etc, slurs, are still strictly prohibited.

The rules can be found here.

Please don't hesitate to contact the Head of Moderation or any other Head Staff member about any questions or concerns that you may have - you may also contact a Discord Moderator to report any incidents of misconduct, or to clarify any rules on the Discord.