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Drooble's Order Subscription Rank Release

Salutations, witches and wizards!

It brings the Store team great excitement to announce that we will finally be releasing the long-awaited Drooble's Order subscription rank!

How does this work?

This subscription rank provides you with many cosmetic perks during the time that you pay for it. Once the subscription expires, all perks are removed from you. There are three different Drooble's Order subscriptions that you can purchase. There is a monthly subscription that can either be purchased for one month or paid on a monthly basis with automatic renewal each month. There is also a 3-month and 6-month subscription. However, the 3-month and 6-month subscriptions must be renewed manually.

What are the perks?
  • ✯ Chat & Tab Icon - A unique icon that appears in your prefix in chat and when pressing tab
  • Hat Enchantment - Make your hats shine by enchanting them in /subscriber
  • Chat Emojis - 28 unique emojis to use in the chat! These are found in /emojis
  • Join Effects - Enter the server with style by using these 8 new join effects! There are the Drooble's Order, allegiance-themed, and colour-themed join effects. These are equipped in /joinfx
  • Website Ribbon & Role - A ribbon and role that are displayed under your name when you send messages on the website
  • Three Additional Spell Presets - Save more spell inventory layouts with these additional presets! For more information about spell presets, click here.

  • Droobify Spell - Conjures Drooble himself & sets off a massive firework show
  • Drooble's Order Hat & Wand Appearance (Seen below)
  • Pet Drooblebaby (Seen below)
  • Drooble's Order Emote Package
  • Drooble's Order Skin Base
  • Discord Role & Icon - Obtain a new Discord role with the droobledab role icon! This will also give you access to the Drooble's Order text and voice channels
New concepts and how to access the perks

Two new concepts are the join effects and the chat emojis. The join effects will trigger each time you join or switch to another world. You can equip and remove these with the /joinfx command. The chat emojis are sent by using specific words or character combinations. For example, :droobledab: would convert into a droobledab emoji. To view all emojis, you can do /emojis. The other perks can be accessed from the personalisation GUI in /me and by using the /subscriber command.

We on the Store team are hoping that you will love this subscription rank as much as we do!

Note: The Drooble's Order subscription rank is not available in the Potter Points store.