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Emote Update & Sale

Greetings, witches and wizards!

The Store team is excited to announce our latest project, the Emote Update and Sale! We have implemented a ton of quality of life suggestions to our emotes system and we hope you will enjoy them! These new additions include:
  • You are now able to sort through your emotes by packs making it much more efficient to find the perfect emote for any occasion.
    • However, if you feel that you prefer the old way of sorting, we have given you the ability to do so as well! You can use the command /me, click on Settings, then select Emote Pack Changes to revert these changes.
  • We have sorted the packs by release date from oldest to newest.
  • All emotes have been alphabetised within their corresponding packs.
  • Discussed and implemented much higher standards and guidelines to each individual emote's success and fail messages.
  • Added in a way to preview our large array of emotes in the in-game store. To get started, talk to Nessa Malfin!
Additionally, all emote packages will be 25% off until 12am PST on November 14th!

To view this update's items, you can view our store here. Enjoy the new update and sale, and be sure to share the joy with all of your friends!

Note: This sale does not apply to the Potter Points store in-game.