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Feedback and Suggestions - Information

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General Guidelines

  1. Go into as much detail as you can with your suggestion. This helps us get a full idea of what you’re suggesting or giving feedback on. A format that we recommend you use is:

    Short Summary
    Reasoning on why this should be implemented or changed

  2. Ensure that any threads that you create follow the general forum rules that can be found under rules or here.

  3. Ensure that any suggestions you submit do not already exist on the forums. This means that less duplicate threads are created. You are able to use the search function at the top right of the page, or here.

  4. Please only submit threads with one suggestion on them if you can. Many suggestions on threads can be confusing for when we make a decision on whether to mark it as accepted or declined.

  5. Please provide a suitable title that relates to your feedback or suggestion. This makes it easier for us to see what your thread is about when looking at the list of threads in the feedback and suggestions forums.

  6. Respect others’ ideas and give only constructive criticism where needed.

  7. If you do not like a decision that is made, that is perfectly fine, but we ask you to be respectful and constructive if you do decide to share your opinion on it.

  8. Please be patient with us while we take the time to bring up your suggestion in the proper manner and get back to you with an official response.

  9. If we reject your thread without a detailed response, this means we have respectfully declined your thread. We get many feedback and suggestions, and unfortunately cannot give specific feedback for each one.


Polls will take place on the Discord whenever we feel that we would like to get opinions from players on specific suggestions and see what the community feels about them. Various options will be given and you will be asked to pick the one that you feel that you like the most out of the options. Please note that most voted options on these polls will not always be chosen. This may be for various reasons, and we assure you that if this is to happen, the reasons that we have are valid. In cases like these, we are not ignoring the community.

The Process

Threads are picked by Poltergeists and put onto our Trello board in various categories according to what they are about. We discuss these threads amongst ourselves and give our own opinions and ideas. The decisions for these threads aren’t just made by the Poltergeists in any regard. We bring them up to the various relevant Leadership Teams, and the Leadership Team has the final say on whether a suggestion will be accepted or declined. We then give a response to the thread in the best possible way with what we have been told by the Leadership Teams.

Frequently suggested ideas

Here is a list of some of the more frequently suggested ideas on the forums!
  • Add a staff list to the forums: Work In Progress. This is something that we miss from the Enjin page. We would love to bring this back and we are working on doing so.

  • Add a way to organise spells: Declined, but planned. This is unfortunately no longer possible with the current magic system, but this is something we hope to look into in the future.

  • Make it so that we spend mealtimes together in the great hall: Declined. This is a lovely idea, but it would require a lot of extra time and effort from our staff team on top of their current responsibilities. We prefer that players keep this within their own roleplays.

  • Add beacons to the housing mine depot: Declined, but planned. Unfortunately, beacons create client-side lag on housing and will worsen the housing experience for players who use them. We are looking for ways around this, but we have no idea if or when we will find a solution to this issue.

  • Add a sell all/bulk sell option to vendors: Work In Progress. This is definitely something that we would like to do, but this requires some tech changes, so this sadly might not be done for a while.

  • Rework the gear system: Work In Progress. We are working towards changing aspects of the gear system, but this unfortunately will take some time due to the large amount of gear pieces that we have.

  • Add content to the world for after players have completed quests: Work In Progress. We will always be working on new content for the server, but this will take some time, as adding new content has a process that we need to follow. We will also hopefully be adding more minigames and places to explore.

  • Bring back the Lacerum Incisis spell: Work In Progress. This is currently being worked on and we hope to release this soon.

  • Change the Library parkour: Declined. We purposefully want this parkour to be difficult. We understand the concerns about having of the riddles in the restricted section, and this is why we have moved the riddle NPC to just outside of the restricted section.

  • Add more ways to earn gold on the server: Work In Progress. We are continuously working on adding new content to the server, and we are exploring the various other ways that we can introduce for players to earn more gold on the server.

  • Have more fast travel options: Work In Progress. We will be adding more fast travels options where we can in the near future.

  • Allow housing residents to use the /house fly command: Work In Progress. We are looking into how we would want to do this, and we will be implementing this in the future.

  • Add a way to block other players: Work In Progress. This would be beneficial for creating a safer space on the server and we will be looking at how we can efficiently do this with hopes to release it in future.


Not open for further replies.
Not open for further replies.