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Flora & Fauna Store Releases

Greetings, witches and wizards! Are you a fan of plants and animals? In that case, you are lucky as we are releasing the Flora & Fauna Store Releases today! This release includes five new permanent items, as well as two new bundles. They are the following:
  • NEW Faun Hat: Experience the spectacular faun creature from Greek and Roman mythology with this hat!
  • NEW Frog Hat: With the cold approaching, this warm frog hat will be exactly what you will need!
  • NEW Pet Baby Elephant: This cute baby elephant from the carnival is ready to travel many miles with you!
  • NEW Nature Death Effects: Become one with nature and summon a gracious tornado upon your defeats!
  • NEW The Ringmaster's Staff: Do you enjoy circuses? Would you like to take the role of running a circus, or maybe simply look cool? In either case, this staff will be an excellent fit for you!
  • NEW Nature Bundle: Unsure of which nature item to choose? This bundle gives you a bunch of them! This includes:
    • Faun Hat
    • Frog Hat
    • Nature Death Effects
  • NEW Carnival Bundle: Do you love carnivals? Then this bundle is for you! This bundle includes:
    • Pet Baby Elephant
    • The Ringmaster's Staff
Additionally, to celebrate the ongoing Butterbrew Festival event, we are rereleasing our Butterbrew-themed items! These will be available until October 1st. The items are as follows:
  • SEASONAL Butterbrew Festival Hat: Let your inner party spirit out during the Butterbrew Festival with this festive hat!
  • SEASONAL Butterbrew Tankard Hat: Show off your newly brewed butterbrew in a tankard at the top of your head!
  • SEASONAL Barrel of Butterbrew: Is a tankard of butterbrew not enough? If so, this barrel of butterbrew might do!
You can find all of these items in our new releases category. If you wish to see the items in-game before purchasing, you can check out our in-game store. All items are also available for purchase in the Potter Points store!