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Game Design Restructure

Salutations Everyone!

We would like to update you all on a change we are making within our Game Design Department on staff. We are shifting teams around internally to help us focus on better and more evergreen (meaning it won’t go away) content moving forward. As always, we try to evaluate where we are investing our efforts and the engagement from the community. At this time, we will be shifting and merging some teams to help us double our efforts in other areas.

- The Inquisitor sub team will be discontinued and merged into the greater Game Design team as content creators.
- The Arena team will be moving to Academics and continuing their work under that department.
- The Systems team is also merging into the greater Game Design team as content creators.
- Magiventologists (Events) and Unspeakables (World Content) will be merged into the greater Game Design team.
- The Lore Department will stay as it is but shifted to focus on more game facing content!

So what does this mean for what to expect on the community end? Community Engagements are currently being discontinued as a form of content. We will be holding our last Community Engagement event at the end of June 2022. We have included an exclusive “closing reward” for those who have obtained all the collectables from the Community Engagement events over this year! The Arena team will continue to create tournaments and challenges as they always have so there will be no change on the community front. Systems will continue their work but under the main umbrella of the Game Design content creation team. Events will still be created just as normal, but with a bigger team. World content will still be created but also pulled from a larger team.

We would like to thank the Inquisitor team for all the passion and hard work they have put into our Community Engagement events of the past! We also want to thank the community for participating in those events and spending time with some of our staff! We know that it is a sad thing to see change but we are excited for what new doors these mergers will open for us as we focus on the future!

Thank you everyone!