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Gameplay Update 1.6.1 [July 17th 2022]

Hello everyone! The Game Designer Team has prepared another mid-update patch for you all! Please keep in mind anything in the "Upcoming Content" section is subject to change and not set in stone, nor do we have a release date guaranteed for any of it.

New Content
  • We added new quick travel NPCs around two locations in the world to help ease confusion in lower levels. Similar to the Prefects at Hogsworth, there are now Sr. Prefects in Hogsend and Street Auralocks in London with teleport access to common areas in within each location.
  • Added an Efficiency 5 Unbreaking 3 Pickaxe to the Mine Depot
  • Added an Efficiency 5 Silk Touch Pickaxe to the Mine Depot
  • Added a Rememberball Tier 2 reward to Reputation. This can be used to view the Help Wanted portion of the Taskboard for the towns anywhere on the map
  • Add mob locations to the compass
  • Add reputation to the scoreboard for the town you are in
  • Added consistency messages to DADA tasks so that when you have killed X amount of the mob, it sends a message telling you to go back to the NPC
Changed Content
  • Updated the lost NPC's for the Divination reputation tasks to have no nameplate when you aren't on the task to decrease confusion.
Upcoming Content (subject to change)
  • We have decided to remove the variability from Reputation rewards. This is not released yet, as it is a change that requires us also to update everyone's current stat balances to a value as if they had been earning a consistent amount from the beginning, but it will be released sometime in the coming weeks.
  • We will be releasing the Rising Healer Questline and an updated Merlin's Magical Hospital in the near future.
  • We have New Fast Travel Quests also in progress!
  • We are working on an array of new businesses we will be establishing around the world
  • "Woodshire" :unsure:
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I’ve been waiting for St. Merlins!!! Guess I can wait a little while longer


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I’m so excited for the upcoming content!! Everything sounds so interesting :D