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Gameplay Update 1.8.3 [January 16th 2023]

Hello everyone! The Game Designer Team has prepared another mid-update patch for you all, filled with plenty of surprises!

The Victory Point
The Victory Point is officially open, located in Tristmoor! You can now buy multiple different kinds of dice for roleplay uses, as well as a few Wizarding History themed enchanted minifigures (Which Prim Katan now brags are 99% stable!). Who knows what other secrets Prim may have in store for the future...

Shop Competition Thoughts
The Game Design Team quite liked the Shop Competition and we loved the community feedback. It was a different kind of community event, and something we'd like to continue in various forms in the future, not just for shops, but other votes as well.

If you have any questions or concerns about this update, please reach out to a staff member on discord or use /t create to report any issues!

Project Leadership:
Magic & Mobs: Droobledore, LeoTheLynx, & Taramite
Testing: Teheeo, SysterTM, juhin, Engel_M
Skins: Kasologies
Build: Etgar_, Miki_Mau7
Lore: jisunize, julit_, snotflower
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