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Gameplay Update 1.8.4 [February 13th 2023]

Greetings, witches and wizards!

We're excited to release the following game patches and improvements! This update includes changes to various long-awaited suggestions, feedback, and newly added quality-of-life enhancements! This update is live and in effect now!

Adaptive House Point Hourglass
The Hourglass within the Great Hall at Hogsworth will now adaptively move according to each house's current house points rather than remain static at all times during each yearly quarter - it's beautifully magical!

Untitled drawing (34).png

Adaptive Hourglass

Enchanted Compass Personal Slots
You can now save personal custom locations within your Enchanted Compass! There are three slots for you to use, simply CLICK to save your current location, CLICK again to have your compass track to that saved location, and SHIFT CLICK to remove the saved location altogether from your compass.

Untitled drawing (36).png

Enchanted Compass Interface

Book Copiers Worldwide
It's now possible to copy your important books outside of the premises of Hogsworth! Book Copiers can be found in various towns across the United Kingdom and Ireland. The new locations are as follows:
- Hogsend [4157 40 3655]
- Haggleton [2456 46 3819]
- Antrum [2705 167 1995]
- Rushstone [3225 52 1467]
- Walden [4196 3 1778]
- Gnollberg Port [5268 7 1812]
- Greenshore Harbour [6047 5 1723]
- Wigtown [2517 16 6102]
- Riddleyard [3320 38 6762]
- Griffin's Hollow [4475 52 7748]
- Eldham Ridge [3378 117 8759]
- Squalus Cove [2382 9 9048]
- Tristmoor [2930 61 10645]
- Edgebrook [5276 68 10652]
- Portstead [5608 5 10881]
- London [2933 59 -281]
- Ireland [957 67 7348]
Untitled drawing (37).png

Book Copier

The Enchanted Backpack Expansion
We've heard you loud and clear, you can now add more important items to your Enchanted Backpack! This means less clutter inside your inventories and easier access to consistently used items! The Enchanted Backpack can now hold as follows:
  • Book Bag
  • Community Engagement Collector's Bag
  • Event Token Pouch
  • Reputation Remembrall

Untitled drawing (39).png

Enchanted Backpack Interface

The Event Gallery
Kevin has been hard at work creating a special area for those who are event fanatics! Now, whenever there are currently no active events, you will have the opportunity to visit the Event Gallery and learn more about Potterworld Events, what they have to offer, and the history of previous events!

Untitled drawing (35).png

Event Gallery Build

Extra Credit Taskboard
The Class Design team has been working on new and more ways to obtain Academic Credits outside of classes. There is now a new icon in /daily that can be used to obtain extra credit to help you gain your required Academic Credits!

Untitled drawing (40).png

Extra Credit Interface


These are the people that made this update possible:
Want to make a suggestion or give feedback that could become a reality? Visit the Feedback & Suggestions section of our forums!

Please enjoy this update and have a magical rest of your day!
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