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Growth Store Releases

Greetings, witches and wizards!

The Store team is delighted to announce the Growth Store Releases! This releases includes 6 beautiful and magical items that are perfect for the upcoming spring season. The items are as follows:
  • The Ivy Gem Staff: Use enchanting crystals and nature to enhance your spells in style!
  • Beanstalk Broom: Fly on a beautiful broom, with the added bonus of a nature theme!
  • Pastel Wand Effects: What better way to show your pastel love than with these adorable wand effects!
  • Pet Sprout: Enjoy nature with the cutest sprout by your side!
  • The Resting Raven Staff: Whether in the Raven house or not, use the mystical energy of this staff to shoot the most powerful spells!
  • Spark Wand Effects: Have your magic spiralling around you with these purple wand effects!
For more information, visit the new releases section of our store! You can also view these items in the in-game store before purchasing them on our website or in the Potter Points store!