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Halloween Store Releases

Greetings, witches and wizards,

As a spectral invasion draws closer to the citizens of Riddleyard, an eerie fog lies on the horizon. Prepare yourself for the spooky season with the return of our Halloween Store Releases! With such a magical range of items, why not get some explosive Pumpkin Death Effects, or even a Witch's Broom? The seasonal items included in this release are the following:
  • SEASONAL Pumpkin Death Effects: Haunt your foes from the ghostly beyond with these menacing death effects!
  • SEASONAL Witch's Broom: Become the terror in the skies with this ghoulish broom appearance!
  • SEASONAL Halloween Emotes: What better way to greet someone than giving them a scare? This pack includes the following emotes:
    • BOO
    • Scare
    • Sneaky
    • Stalk
    • Trick or Treat
  • SEASONAL Jack-o'-Lantern: There's no hat like a pumpkin hat!
  • SEASONAL Plague Mask: Unearth a relic of the past with a mask that'll frighten even the bravest of souls!

If you're looking for more ways to enhance your Halloween costume, why not treat yourself to the Pet Bat Collection? Or if it's a trick that you're looking for, then our Button Eyes are the perfect way to give your friends a fright! Check them out... if you dare!

For more information about these seasonal releases, head to the New Releases category of our store! These seasonal items are only available until November 11th, 2023. All items are available for preview in our In-Game Store. The items can also be purchased from our Potter Points store.