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Highest Health Set

Joel Crestello

Minecraft IGN: Joelowo
Honeybadger Auralock Dark Follower Staff Phoenix Vampire Werewolf Director S.P.E.W Seer
This set has the most (I think) HP out all gear pieces put together. It is overall decent to use with Curses and has really high range and debuff duration. I didn't add a Hand and Trinket piece since this set can work with any if you only care about the HP.

Soul-Seeing Spectacles (Level 80) +2334 HP

Cloak of Lost Souls (Level 79) +3890 HP

Penultimate Greaves (Level 80) +3268 HP

Hermes' Treads (Level 80) +1868 HP

Total HP: 11360

Additional Stats:
  • +46% Range
  • +69% Debuff Duration
  • -19% Curse Cooldown Reduction
  • -11% Defensive Cooldown Reduction
  • -13% Charm Cooldown Reduction
  • (More small stats which don't change much)

  • 245 Charm Defence
  • 341 Jinx Defence
  • 506 Transfig Defence
  • 493 Curse Defence