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Housing Awards


Hello everyone!

I’m very excited to introduce a very new competition - the ‘Housing Awards’. It’s our new spin on our classic ‘Housing [Theme] Competition’ that we used to do in the past. This time around, instead of setting a theme dictating your build and thus the entries - we will set no theme at all! Instead we will run this competition like an award show, with nominations and their own rewards. We need you, the community to enter and encourage others to enter to make this a very fun and new kind of event.

Stage 1: Entries

Our first stage is the entry stage! Like I mentioned earlier, anyone with a housing on Potterworld can enter. But make sure to read and meet the requirements first;

  • Anyone can submit an entry; including staff and non-staff positions.
  • The one who is entering must be the owner of the housing plot, but may add people to make it a ‘group entry’. (i.e if I want to submit /housing RobotWizz, RobotWizz needs to submit the entry)
  • The Housing Awards is a showcase of your housing; you don’t need to be the person who built it from scratch… as long as you add your own personal touch!
  • You may credit the person who helped build your house; even if they’re not around anymore.
We will accept entries for around two weeks, closing on the 29th of March. Click here to submit your entry! Entries have closed

Remember that the main idea is that a large portion of your house has already been built, but of course you can finish it off while entries are open!

Make sure you have a gmail account to be able to access the google form.

Stage 2: Nominations

Once entries close, the panel of judges will go through the entries and do any vetting necessary; ignoring trolls etc.

Based on the amount of entries we will decide the awards; however the already confirmed awards are:

  • ‘Best House’(the main award)
  • ‘Best Exterior’
  • ‘Best Interior’
  • ‘Best Terrain’
And with more awards to be made depending on the entries! We will make sure each award has an equal, and fair amount of nominees.

Another form will be released then to submit your votes, we will like the Scenery Viewer in Ernie’s Estates, give you the option to visit the houses without disturbing the plot owners, through the ‘Housing Awards’ NPC at the courtyard.

Later on, a form will be released to allow you, the community to vote for the winner of each award!

Stage 3: Rewards

All of our awards(besides ‘Best House’) will be equally weighted in the rewards, which are;

  • A collectible commemorating the award.
  • 500 Potterpoints, enough for you to buy a new hat or wand off our store!
  • 250 House Points to your house!

Additionally, the special reward for the ‘Best House’ is:
  • An exclusive Droobledoll hat!
  • A one in a lifetime chance to have your housing scenery idea built and implemented in-game! Of course once it's built, it will be given to the winner for free, while the rest can acquire it through our /store!

Thank you for reading! We hope you are excited as we are.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to message me on the forums or on discord(RobotWizz#0019) or create a ticket in-game.
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