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Jurassic Store Releases


Greetings, witches and wizards,

Can you see the water rippling as the distant thump of footsteps draws closer? Something big is coming... That's right, the Jurassic Store Releases are here! Cast your mind back to a land before time with these ferocious new releases! Why not make your world a little more prehistoric with your very own dino companion? Or even bring the Jurassic world to your doorstep with the Prehistoric Scenery? The full list of items included with this release is as follows:

  • NEW Pet Stegosaurus: Stegosauruses are known to be social dinos, making this pet the perfect friend for any occasion!
  • NEW Pet Triceratops: The peaceful herbivore that we all know and love, and now it can love you back!
  • NEW Pet Velociraptor: This velociraptor's a clever one. Why not bring it along on your next hunt?
  • NEW Pet Pterodactyl: The apex predator of the skies is ready to soar by your side in the form of this friendly pet!
  • NEW Pterodactyl Mount: Don't fancy having the pterodactyl by your side? This mount takes the Pterodactyl to brand new heights!
  • NEW The Dino Wand: Stun your enemies with this dazed little dino. Watch out, it's known to bite!
  • NEW Prehistoric Scenery: With this scenery, you too can own your very own island of dinosaurs. What will you create within?
  • NEW Pet Raccoon: This may not be a dinosaur but still, life finds a way. This cute raccoon is a furry alternative to the scaly reptiles of this release.

If you're looking to further immerse yourself in the jungles of the Jurassic period, we also recommend The Woodland Wand and Nature Death Effects! These are sure to complete the perfect style for your next prehistoric adventure!

For more information about these new items, head to the New Releases category of our store! All items are available for preview in our In-Game Store. The items can also be purchased from our Potter Points store.

As a reminder, our seasonal Halloween releases will also be available until November 11th. Make sure you get them while you can!