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May Store Releases

Greetings witches and wizards! It brings us great excitement to announce the items for this month's store release! We will be bringing back eight items as well as a bundle for a limited time, and we hope you will all enjoy these items!

These items are:
  • Forest Moon Scenery: Ever wanted to live on a forest moon? There are awesome spacecraft there too!
  • Star Settlement Scenery: Live in a village far, far away amongst the stars. This scenery has nice clay textures with a green landscape!
  • Mercenary's Helmet: Stay protected from the dangerous beasts around the world and look cool at the same time!
  • Rebel Helmet: Fight for the Rebellion against the Empire with this elegant helmet!
  • Trooper Mask: Fight for the Empire against the Rebellion with this protective helmet!
  • Pet "Secret Package": This tiny green friend of yours will follow you on the ground as well as on the shoulder!
  • Pet R-Unit: This trustworthy droid is someone you can always rely on during your tough adventures around the world!
  • Pet Porgie: This cute feathery friend will for sure accompany you at all times!
  • Mercenary Bundle: This bundle includes the Mercenary's Helmet and the Pet "Secret Package" - enjoy the two of them!
These items will be available until the 31st of May, 2021. For more information, you can view our store at store.potterworldmc.com.

These items are also available in the Potter Points shop.
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