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May the Fourth Event 2024

May the Fourth be with you!

The Millennium Falcon has touched down outside the Great Hall to transport Hogsworth students back to Batuu, where you will have the opportunity to wield a lightsaber, hunt for bounties, and take care of creatures from a galaxy far far away. Feel free to replay our old content, along with new quests and activities finding their way into the Galaxy!

Hop aboard the Millennium Falcon at the Boathouse to travel to hyperspace and beyond!

Minigames & Repeatable Gameplay
Our seasonal May the Fourth minigames will be making their grand return, including Star Racing, Star Battle: Domination, and Star Battle: Payload!

PvP minigames, not your thing? No problem! Speak to the Games Master NPC at Galaxy's Edge on Batuu to play droppers and mazes to earn Star Tokens and Beskar!

In your Quest Journal, you will see a new icon for the May The Fourth Event. This will be accessible throughout the entire event and will be disabled after the event ends. Upon completing quests, you will be rewarded Star Tokens and Beskar! There are two returning main quests as well as three returning side quests and four new side quests that can be repeated.

This year, Hera Sendulla needs your help and in return, Chopper will join you on your intergalactic journey! You can purchase additional rewards with Star Tokens just inside of the Black Spire Marketplace at Galaxy's Edge on Batuu. We have a few old rewards, as well as some newer ones! You can also trade Star Tokens in for Gold at a 1 to 1 ratio at the Rewards NPC, although all balances will be exchanged to gold automatically after the event ends.

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