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May the Fourth Event


May the Fourth be with you! The Centennial Hawk has landed near the Boathouse to transport Hogsworth students to a Galaxy Far Far Away. Join the fight between the Rebels and Imperials in our seasonal minigames! Speak to Jayoda on the Centenial Hawk to travel to the Cantina, where you can purchase exclusive rewards and explore other new gameplay features.

Our seasonal May the Fourth minigames have been enabled! Type /games to join the queue for Star Racing or a featured Star Battle game mode. Each week, a new Star Battle gamemode will be enabled. The order is as follows:

Week 1: Payload
Week 2: Domination
Week 3: Star Battle
Week 4: You Decide! Whichever mode has the most plays during the week it is enabled will come back.

This year, we’ve introduced a few new maps for the Star Battle game modes! The map will be randomly chosen for modes with multiple maps. After listening to player feedback, we have eliminated team selection before the start of the game to equalize teams.

You may notice that Star Racing is not currently accessible. We've run into some last-minute bugs and it will be available starting later today or tomorrow. Please enjoy the rest of our event content in the meantime!

In-Game Content
A new escape room quest, Escape from Doom Moon, can be accepted from the Rebel Commander at the Cantina.

Instead of simply purchasing a Plasma Blade, you will now work to assemble it yourself! The steps to assemble a Plasma Blade include:

- Crafting a Hilt in the Lightsaber Workshop
- Searching for the perfect Kryalite on Illius
- Combining the components into your very own Plasma Blade

Click here to learn more about how to build a Plasma Blade!

You can purchase rewards with Star Tokens from Crall in the Cantina. We have a few old rewards, as well as some newer ones! You can earn Star Tokens by participating in the seasonal minigames or by completing the Escape from Doom Moon quest. You can also trade Star Tokens in for a Gold at a 2 to 1 ratio at Groff in the basement of the Cantina. The list of rewards is as follows:

- NEW! Toy BR-N Flamethrower
- NEW! Toy BH-3 Burst Blaster Rifle
- NEW! Toy BC-46 Spray Blaster
- NEW! Holotron
- NEW! R-Unit Droid Plushie
- NEW! B-Unit Droid Plushie
- NEW! Porgie Plushie
- NEW! Secret Package Plushie
- NEW! Green Milk
- NEW! Blue Milk
- Green Plasma Blade
- Blue Plasma Blade
- Red Plasma Blade
- Red Double Plasma Blade
- Yellow Double Plasma Blade
- Cross Plasma Blade

We hope you all enjoy this year’s May the Fourth Event! The event will end on June 1 at 12:00pm PST.

Minigame Development & Magic:
apaulled, DenizTM, Joshios, FrostyObsidian, Zmiya

Content Creation:
chatis1234, FrostyObsidian, JustMaxHell, Katallight, krixkal, Miss_Strudel, Sorcellerie, TeknoPsycho

Event Builds:
0ceqn, apaulled, ArfArfLauren, bugzies, Cercaa, Floralish, Domieno, racqoon, RainTM, Sorcellerie, Tillyular123, VetMedYumei, xKilo_

Bertnana, Katallight, kqela, Ralie, Sorcellerie


Models / Textures:

Alexstrasza14, AzureAsh, Cateo, FrostyObsidian, Invisibilia, KieranTM, KipxSateee, PinkWeezie, SLGMatt, SLGTara, SysterTM, Teheeo, viewful