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Meeting at the Auralock Base - Recap 9

Meeting at the Auralock Base - Recap 9
Written by Nathan Nakamori (Roleplay Team)
Date of Plot Point: May 3rd, 2020
On the 3rd of May, 2020, Shakti Bhardwaj and Ministry officials sat down for a meeting to discuss the latest events that had occurred in the wizarding world, including how the Dark Followers attacked the Auralock Manor that resided in Hogsend only days before. The Ministry officials spoke about how the attack was the final straw; that the Dark Followers must be stopped and cannot be left to do whatever they want going forward, and how the Dark Followers pose a serious threat to the safety of the wizarding world. There was later a discussion on what could happen if they were to fail to get rid of the Dark Followers, such as the possibility of them allying with the Werewolves, but another member continued to express how even if they did fail to fully crush the Dark Followers they would have been able to reduce their numbers and significantly weaken the group to a point of where they would no longer pose such a threat to the general public. They also discussed how it was unlikely that the Werewolves and Dark Followers paths were to cross at some point, and that it would be wise to station more Auralocks around Hogsend, as it was imperative as the Dark Followers’ numbers were quickly exponentially, especially after the recent Dark Lord election with Joel Crestello reigning champion as the newest Dark Lord. The locations of both Werewolves and known Dark Followers were constantly tracked and monitored for suspicious activity. Due to the lack of coordination caused by an absent Chief Auralock, the Ministry officials began to fear that the Dark Followers may take advantage of this and attack the Ministry next, so they found keeping track of the locations of the two groups to be essential.

Suddenly, out of the fireplace came two Phoenix members, Joshua Pendragon and Andreu Zoldyck (at the time). They spoke about the Ministry and how it is losing touch with what the people wanted, and how the people are the source of the Ministry's power. The Phoenixes offered their help in getting the support of the people back by listening to them. The Phoenix leaders assured the officials that they knew what they were talking about and that they were there with the full support of the Phoenixes. Joshua Pendragon then announced that he is the new Lord of the Phoenixes. Joshua spoke about how the dissatisfaction and resentment for the Ministry had been growing quickly due to the new and more strict leadership.

During the interaction between the Phoenixes and the Ministry officials, the Dark Lord, Joel Crestello, and the Dark Mistress Sara Selwyn broke into the Ministry and set free the Dark Baron, Noah Pendragon, who had been held in captivity for the past while after being arrested during the attack on the Auralock Manor. He spoke about how they must prepare for the inevitable. They then escaped through the fireplaces, taking on some Auralock guards, though they easily overpowered them. Joel cast, taking out a section of the roof and causing alarm to the Ministry officials that were still talking to the Phoenix inner-circle members. The Phoenixes used this as an example as to how the Ministry was quickly losing the faith of the people and that they needed to act faster next time to these sorts of events. Shakti pointed out how it was such a coincidence that the Dark Followers would do this just as the Phoenixes announced themselves and distracted the Auralocks. Thus, Shakti ordered Joshua and Andreu to be arrested and taken to the cells, Joshua helped Andreu escape before Shakti used a stunning spell to capture Joshua. Shakti said that they must proceed with Operation 83-C.