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Music Emotes & Gameplay Releases

Greetings, witches, wizards, and fellow magical beings!

We're thrilled to unveil exciting new gameplay additions, game patches and improvements, along with store releases in this latest update! This update includes a captivating new quest set in the enchanting land of Ireland. This update is now live and ready for you to experience!

New Store Releases - Music & Autumn Emotes
It's the perfect time to release some new emotes on the server! We have two new emote packs for today: Music Emotes and Autumn Emotes. The Music Emotes pack is perfect to fit in with our gameplay updates today, and the Autumn Emotes are just what you need for this season! The contents of each pack areas follows:
  • NEW Music Emotes: Show off your musical prowess and the joy of sharing music with others in this pack!
    • Includes the following:
      • Guitar Solo
      • Harp Harmony
      • Karaoke Night
      • Share Earphones
      • Songwriting
  • NEW Autumn Emotes: Adjust to the new weather with some emotes perfect for the season!
    • Includes the following:
      • Carve a Pumpkin
      • Hold a Picnic
      • Jump in a Leaf Pile
      • Sit by the Fireplace
      • Watch the Sunset
New Quest - Melody on the Street: Level 59
Ever wanted to learn an instrument? Showcase your musical talents or pick up a new skill in the world of music? We've heard whispers of a new Instrument Shop opening in Ireland! Seek out Ethan Handel at 1095 70 7431 where he needs your help in promoting his Instruments Shop. Perhaps your musical prowess is the marketing strategy needed all along!

Longbay Landing Fire Dust
Did someone say Fire Dust? With the location discovery of Longbay Landing, you can now harness the power of Fire Dust for seamless travel. Simply find your nearest fireplace to access this convenient and enchanting mode of transportation to and from Longbay Landing!

Want to make a suggestion or give feedback that could become a reality, just like the Music Emotes? Visit the Feedback & Suggestions section of our forums!

For more information about the new items, head to the New Releases category of our store! All items are available for preview in our In-Game Store. The items can also be purchased from our Potter Points store.

As a reminder, our seasonal butterbrew-themed cosmetics will stay until the end of this month, September 30. Make sure you get them while you can! Additionally, all item on our store are on sale for one more week! Now's the time to purchase items at a whole 40% off!

Please enjoy this update and have a magical rest of your day!

Game Design Content Creation: myriadofanger, Strale_Varulv, TeknoPsycho
Store Content Creation: cyym, gospojken, Tangular123
Build: 0ceqn, ForbiddenPlaces
Graphics & Renders: Prin_ce
Magic & Mobs: dobsux, LeoTheLynx
Testing & Feedback: Aglyn, juhin, KipxSateee, M_Engel, SysterTM, Tangular123, Teheeo, xMye
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