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Music in the Air Store Releases

Hello, witches and wizards!

The Store team is thrilled to announce the newest releases for the month of November! The Music in the Air Store Releases includes a plethora of 11 new items that relate to atmospheric and musical themes. These items are:
  • NEW The Treble Clef Wand: A classical wand just fit for the talented musicians of Hogsworth!
  • NEW The White Treble Clef Wand: For those stylish witches and wizards who want their wands to match their every outfit, here you go! A white version of The Treble Clef Wand to fulfill your every desire.
  • NEW Music Note Wand Effects: This unique wand effect filled with the colourful notes of music will set you apart from the rest!
  • NEW Pet Sun: An adorable Pet Sun to make your day shine a little bit brighter wherever you go!
  • NEW Sun Guardian: A dazzling new way to upgrade your Animus Exto spell! Cast the spell and you'll have a beaming sun to protect you!
    • Buying this Guardian also grants you access to the Pet Sun Guardian in /pets.
    • Additionally, to get the Animus Exto spell, you must complete the Guardian Challenge in-game (the pet will be available in /pets even if you do not have the spell). You can start the Guardian Challenge in the Headmaster's Office in Hogsworth.
  • NEW Red Headphones: Sport these new headphones in a fiery red colour!
  • NEW Blue Headphones: Maybe you're looking for something a bit cooler toned, try these in blue!
  • NEW Yellow Headphones: Want to be the star of the show? Flaunt these bright and joyful Yellow Headphones!
  • NEW Green Headphones: Do you care more for a green colour? Show off your taste with these Green Headphones!
  • NEW Cloud Broom: A magical way to get around your journey in the wizarding world and blend in with the sky!
  • NEW The Atmospheric Staff: An epic staff with tons of atmospheric components. Perhaps it can even predict the upcoming forecast?
For more information, visit the new releases section of our store! You can also view these items in the in-game store before purchasing them on our website or in the Potter Points store!

Other Store Updates:
  • We've added an option for players to make their Promoter NPCs wear their purchased wearable staffs!
  • We've made a few changes to the in-game store:
    • Added in multiple stalls to show off some of our cosmetics that go together nicely!
    • Added a way to view in-game items and spells from events, the Arena Token Shop, the Voting Store, and more! Speak to Professor McGannon or Silas Blach to get started!